Association of University and College Employees (AUCE) fonds Inventory list

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05-01 Executive meeting minutes File 1977 - 1978
05-09 Membership of Executive File 1974 - 1975
06-02 Correspondence, incoming File 1979-02 - 1979-06
06-04 Correspondence, incoming File 1979-03 - 1979-12
06-06 Executive correspondence File 1973 - 1977
07-12 AUCE Provincial Constitution, policies, procedures and rules of order governing Convention as amended June 1981 File 1981-06
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13-18 [Local 1 Strike committee report and other material] File 1976-1977
15-17 Sixth Annual Provincial Convention (5 of 6) File 1979
15-18 Sixth Annual Provincial Convention (6 of 6) File 1979
16-02 Special Convention on Affiliation (2 of 2) File 1980
16-04 Seventh Annual Provincial Convention (2 of 2) File 1980
16-11 Ninth Annual Provincial Convention (3 of 3) File 1982
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