Benson Shipyards fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
RBSC-ARC-1645-17-2 Rudder & gear 49’ x 14’ drum seiner for Fraser Marine Shipyards File [196-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-17-6 65’ Steel combination fishing vessel File 1966
RBSC-ARC-1645-17-11 78’ x 22’ Steel seiner rudder & tube detail File [196-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-17-15 Hydraulic deck circuit for engine room - Sealife Fisheries Limited File 1969
RBSC-ARC-1645-17-20 132’6" Freighter conversion for Coast Ferries Ltd. File 1978
RBSC-ARC-1645-18-3 Proposed offshore supply vessel for Nordic Offshore Marine File 1971
RBSC-ARC-1645-18-8 Williston Lake float File 1971
RBSC-ARC-1645-19-1 Steel harbour tug for McKay –Cormack Ltd File [196-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-19-5 Seventy foot tug for H & W Towing Ltd. File 1972
RBSC-ARC-1645-19-8 Electrical one line diagram 70’ single screw tug for Island Tug & Barge Ltd. File 1968
RBSC-ARC-1645-20-2 240 MGVA marine reduction gear File 1968-1969
RBSC-ARC-1645-21-2 72’ 6" W.L. Trawler/Seiner for Mr. Elmer Davis File 1977-1978
RBSC-ARC-1645-21-6 87’ Steel stern trawler for Bon Accord Fisheries File 1978
RBSC-ARC-1645-22-4 "Canadian No. 1" 95’6"x 24’6" steel seiner - trawler main engine seats for Deutz Diesel SBA8M File [196-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-22-5 "Viggo Mark" 85’ steel stern trawler for Mark Fishing Co. File 1972
RBSC-ARC-1645-24-3 62’ Raised Fore Deck Tug for Egmont Towing and Sorting Ltd. File
RBSC-ARC-1645-12-3 54’ Drum seiner specification File 1977
RBSC-ARC-1645-12-5 Specifications 60’ aluminum alloy fishing vessel File 1973
RBSC-ARC-1645-12-9 Sixty five foot trawler-drum seiner for Mr J. Lawson File 1973
RBSC-ARC-1645-12-13 Specification 72’-6" D.W.L. drum seiner for Mr. Elmer Davis File 1977
RBSC-ARC-1645-12-14 74’ – 11" Combination table seiner/ trawler for Les Pecheries Marc Ltee. File 1979
RBSC-ARC-1645-13-3 Specification for construction of steel hulled fishing vessel for Capilano Fishing Ltd. File [196-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-13-7 Specification for 80’ stern trawler for Pat Thompson File [197-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-13-12 Specifications for 87 ft. steel stern trawler for J.S. McMillan Fisheries Ltd. File 1972
RBSC-ARC-1645-14-3 Specification of 92’-0" stern trawler for Mr. Stan Sorensen File 1967
RBSC-ARC-1645-14-7 Specifications for a steel combination fishing vessel for L. Guptill, "M.V. Lady Noreen" File 1967
RBSC-ARC-1645-14-12 Specification of 104 ft. stern trawler for Mr Fred Kohse File 1967
RBSC-ARC-1645-14-16 Specifications for a steel combination trawler-seiner for Robert Karliner File [196-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-15-4 M.V. "Arctic Harvester" specification of conversion phase II for Karliner Fisheries Ltd. File 1975
RBSC-ARC-1645-15-8 Specification of 70 foot steel tug for Pacific Towing Ltd. File 1967
RBSC-ARC-1645-14-2 Specifications for a steel combination fishing vessel "Silver Dolphin" File 1963
RBSC-ARC-1645-16-3 Specification of 82 ft. twin screw tug for Seaspan International Ltd. File 1972
RBSC-ARC-1645-16-4 Specification of hull and machinery for 1450 H.P. yarding tug for Northern Transportation Ltd. File 1973
RBSC-ARC-1645-16-8 1450 B.H.P. 87' single screw tug & tevised specs for Island Tug and Barge Limited File 1969
RBSC-ARC-1645-11-1 Specification for 40 ft. twin screw tug for MacMillan Bloedel Limited (Powell River Division) File 1978-1979
RBSC-ARC-1645-11-6 Specification of 55 foot steel tug for Rivtow Marine Limited File 1964
RBSC-ARC-1645-11-10 Specification for a 62 ft. twin screw raised deck tug for Egmont Towing & Sorting Ltd. File 1972
RBSC-ARC-1645-11-15 Specifications for a Steel Tow Boat File 1963
RBSC-ARC-1645-11-19 Specification #409/4 69’ S.S. log towing tug for Kingcome Navigation Co. Ltd. File [197-?]
RBSC-ARC-1645-10-14 Specification for the construction of 32’ nozzle tug for Tahsis Co. Ltd. File [1975]
RBSC-ARC-1645-8-1 Specification of twin screw powered barge for North Western Dredging Co. Ltd. File 1975
RBSC-ARC-1645-8-6 Specification for fisheries research vessel for Agriculture and Fisheries Department, Hong Kong File 1975
RBSC-ARC-1645-8-10 YAG 410 contract refit File 1980
RBSC-ARC-1645-8-14 YTL-583 "Beamsville" contract refit File 1982
RBSC-ARC-1645-8-15 CMFV "Egret" MSRL # 167 File 1979
RBSC-ARC-1645-9-1 CFMV Flamingo contract refit File 1979
RBSC-ARC-1645-9-5 Heron PR 848 contract refit File 1983
RBSC-ARC-1645-9-10 CFAV "Parksville" File 1979-1980
RBSC-ARC-1645-9-14 Specification for refit and drydocking CCGC "Racer" File 1982
RBSC-ARC-1645-9-19 M.V. "Sidney" PBL 195 File 1980
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