British Columbia Historical Photograph Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BC-1/1-4 University of Alberta, Edmonton, General Scheme of 1912 for proposed buildings File [1912?]
BC-5 Jason Ovid Allard Item [189-?].
BC-19 The town of Peace River from Judah Hill. Item [1927?].
BC-23 Peace River auto camp Item [192-?]
BC-28/1-2 The two restored chimneys at Rocky Mountain House. File [192?].
BC-38 Icy Bay and Mount St. Elias Item [1794?].
BC-44 Oregon's first custom house, Astoria, 1852. First post office, west of Rocky Mts., established 1847, Astoria, Oregon Item [191-?]
BC-49 Llewellyn Glacier, Atlin, B.C. July 18th, 1905 Item 1905 July 18
BC-50 B.C., early branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. Item [190-?].
BC-55 [Barkerville, B.C., view of buildings] Item [1922].
BC-59 Barkerville, B.C., exterior view of Government Assay Office and Hotel de France Item [186-?]
BC-72/1-2 British and United States Boundary Line, Yahk River File [187-?]
BC-76 Old Alexandra Bridge, Spuzzum Item 1863
BC-82 New Alexandra Bridge over the Fraser Item [193-?].
BC-87 Barkerville, 1925 Item [1925?]
BC-92 Barkerville, B.C., two men who attended unveiling of the cairn. Item 1929 August 15.
BC-96 Gardner's Ranch, Beaver Pass, Barkerville Road, Cariboo, B.C., 1930, looking east Item [1930?]
BC-101 Barkerville in January Item [192-]
BC-105 Barkerville Item [1929 August 10?]
BC-109 Barkerville, B.C. Item [192-?].
BC-110 Barkerville, B.C., cairn at Barkerville during unveiling ceremony : 1929 August 10. Item 1929
BC-114 Barkerville, B.C., looking across street from J.H. Office to Harpers, Nov. 1922 Item [1922?].
BC-120 Castle Mountain on the way and near to Bute Inlet Item [192-?].
BC-125 The Rousseau Range along the Portland Canal Item [192-?]
BC-129 Flood tide in Seymour Narrows looking towards Race Pt. and Gowlland Harbour Item [193-?].
BC-134 Cruising in B.C. waters Item [195-?]
BC-138 B.C., unidentified forest scene. Item [19--?].
BC-143 The extreme upper or southerly end of Columbia Lake, source of the Columbia river. Item 1912?
BC-147 First bend of the Columbia River immediately below the outlet from Lake Windermere ... steamboat "Klahowya" Item 1912
BC-151 Interior "Douglas Lodge" Item [192-?].
BC-152 Sir George Simpson Centenary, Fort St. James Sept. 17 1928 Item [1928?]
BC-156 Sir George Simpson's Centenary, Sept. 17, 1928, Fort St. James Item [1928?].
BC-160 Sir George Simpson's Centenary, Sept. 17, 1928 Item [1928?].
BC-165 Old log warehouse, Ft. St. James, near Douglas Lodge : 1925 September. Item [1925?].
BC-169 Top of Mt. Pope, 2200 ft. above Douglas Lodge Item [192-?].
BC-579 The home of Dr. John McLoughlin, Oregon City, Ore. Item [192-?]
BC-584/3 McDonnell's House at Fort Assiniboine N.W. Co. post No 2. 1793-1804 Item 192-?
BC-584/7 Looking accross from Brandon House no. 1 (1793-1824) to N.W. Co La Souris 1804-1821 Item [192-?].
BC-584/11 McDonnell's House at Fort Assiniboine...1793-1804 Item [192-?].
BC-584/15 The river near Mairs field fort. Item [192-?].
BC-589 B.C., unidentified scene Item [192-?].
BC-593 Portrait of an Indian man. Item [191-?].
BC-598/1-2 Totem poles and house, Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C. Item [192-?]
BC-601 Winnipeg Jack, Blackfoot Item [192-?]
BC-605 Ceremony of self torture, a young Blackfoot qualifying for a brave ... Item 1887
BC-609 Group of Canadian North West Indians. Item [19--?]
BC-614 Blackfoot Indian in ceremonial dress on horseback with travois. Item 191-?
BC-617/2 Alert Bay - Kwakiutl. From a distance. Item May 1948
BC-617/7 Alert Bay - Showing entrance to cemetary - kwakiutl Item May 1948
BC-617/11 Alert Bay - Fish boats tied at wharf - Kwakiutl Item May 1948
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