Cassiar Gold Rush collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
01-01 [Receipt from Mr. B. Hoffman to J.J. Laurion] File 1862
01-03 [Letter to Judge O'Reilly from S.P. Jaclyn] File 1875
01-05 [Legal affidavits in the case of Austin Ward and John Callbreith] File 1876
01-06 [Letters to E. Marvin, hardware merchant] File 1876
01-08 [Letter to E. Marvin and two receipts] File 1877
01-11 [Form number 19 -- transcript of register for transmission to Chief registrar of shipping -- loss of Cassiar ] File 1880
01-18 [Postcard to Miss Elanore Sewell with print of wreck of SS Yukon] File 1914
01-13 [Receipt and clipped print of steamer Islander] File 1890
01-15 [Postcard consignment forms of Klondyke Mining, Trading and Transport corporation] File 1897
01-02 [News clippings and advertisments for transportation and supplies] File 1871-1884
01-04 [Envelope and clipped advertisement for mail steamship] File 1876
01-07 [Letter to Honorary P. O'Reilly, advertisment for Cassiar Express, and notes] File 1876
01-10 [Letter to S. Leiser from George Pritchett] File 1879
01-17 [Prospectus of Yukon and Stikine river trading and transportation company] File 1898
01-12 [Postcard reciept and clipped advertisements of Canadian Pacific Navigation Company] File [1890?]
01-14 [Copy of the North Star, volume six, number nine] File 1895
01-16 [Placard -- Bennett Lake and Klnodyke Navigation Company advertisement for S.S. Amur] File [1898?]