Charlton family fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Series 1935-1962
1-12 Suburb and Country File 1905
1-5 Darwin Charlton File 1961-1962
PH-01 CPR Bridge Item 1891
[Family and Friends] Series 1900-1976
PH-04 [Parm Pettipiece?] Item [192-?]
PH-06 [Mr. Stowe, pioneer socialist] Item 1910
PH-13 [Hodges family] Item [192-?]
PH-15 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hodges Item [191-?]
PH-19 [Photo of group in front of J. T. Jone Empire Cigar Store] Item [191-?]
1-15 Electoral Records File 1935-1947
CCF-affiliated and other socialist organizations Series 1905-1979
1-8 Newspaper clippings File 1936-1958
PH-03 [Tom Richardson, ex-British Labour MP; W. R. Trottier; and J. S. Woodsworth] Item [192-?]
PH-09 Campaigning with J. W. Tordoff Item [1941?]
PH-18 [Ormund Lee Charlton and labourers] Item [191-?]
1-3 O. L. Charlton File 1902-1958
Socialist poems and prose Series 1939-1955
1-4 By Darwin Charlton File 1950-1951
1-13 By Mildred Macleod File 1951-1954
Ruskin Co-operative Series 1891-1898
PH-02 [Extended family photo] Item [191-?]
PH-05 [Grandpa Burns, grandson Bill Burns, and granddaughter Laney Burns] Item [192-?]
PH-10 [Allan Boag?] Item [191-?]
PH-12 The [W?]ilbands Item [193-?]
1-6 CCF Newspaper File 1946-1961
1-14 Circulars File 1961-1962
1-7 [Scrapbook] File 1943-1946
1-10 Political pamphlets File 1919-1967
PH-14 [Pick-up truck with mounted camper] Item [197-?]
PH-17 [Ormund Lee Charlton and others] Item [192-?]
1-9 By H. M. "Annie" Charlton File 1939-1955
1-16 Ruskin Cooperative File 1897-1898
PH-04neg [Parm Pettipiece?] Item 1976
PH-07 John L. Martin Item 1951
PH-11 H. M. "Annie" Charlton Item [194-?]
1-1 Conference proceedings and by-laws File 1950-1951
1-2 The Socialist Caucus Bulletin File 1965-1967
PH-08 Federated Labor Party picnic Item 1918
Correspondence and memorandum Series 1902-1962
Finances Series 1896-1950
1-11 Investment certificates File 1896-1950
PH-16 [Group photo of the Charlon family and their friends] Item [191-?]
PH-20 [Photo of family under tree] Item [191-?]