Asian immigration and Settlement Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
CC-TX-101-24 Miss Queen of Cathay and the Chinese Community of Vancouver, 1953-54 photocopy File 1997
CC-TX-101-25 Invitation to reception in honour of David Crombie, Minister of Multiculturalism File 1986
CC-TX-102-9-3 [Copy of a Certificate of Residence issued to Yee Foung] Item [1894]
CC-TX-102-10-1 Notebook of G.V. Smith Item [not before 1888]
CC-TX-102-11-1 Chinamen Item [between 1890 and 1899?]
CC-TX-102-13-4 [Letter to Hon. James G. Swan from Charles E. Claypool regarding the trial of Charles Dine] Item 1899-07-13
CC-TX-102-13-5 Memorandum of enquiry regarding the arrivals of Quong Jew Doo and Wing Sing in Port Townsend Item 1899-06-24
CC-TX-129-2 Vancouver Chinese business phones File [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-TX-129-18 Eng Chow Co. "House of the Orient" catalogue no. 30 File [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-TX-129-19 Booklet from fundraiser for China in New Westminster File 1946
CC-TX-129-20 Vancouver Chinese community celebrates Hong Kong's return to China File 1997-07-25
CC-TX-130-9 Canada Day celebration ephemera File 1986
CC-TX-278-5 Chinese immigration statistics File 1976
CC-TX-278-9 Chinamen washing gold Fraser River Canyon, B.C. File [1908?]
CC-TX-278-10 [Pay cheque] File 1906-10-13
CC-TX-278-16 For the unity of Chinese and white workers File 1934-12-07
CC-TX-278-17 [Commission of Matthew Baillie Begbie] File 1879-04-29
CC-TX-278-18 They came through : stories of Chinese Canadians File [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-TX-278-26 [Inquiry by inspector of dominion police] File 1910-09-30
CC-TX-278-27 Affidavit of Sam Sing File 1918-12-19
CC-TX-278-29 Report by W. L. Mackenzie King, ... commissioner appointed to investigate into the losses sustained by the Chinese population of Vancouver, B. C., on the occasion of the riots in that city in September, 1907 File 1908
CC-TX-279-9 Tightening the reins on the Oriental in British Columbia File 1925-01-16
CC-TX-279-10 [An act respecting the importation and employment of aliens] File 1906
CC-TX-279-11 [Letter to editor of New Westminster News] File 1907-12-30
CC-TX-285-27 [Reproduction of head tax certificate for Ham Chung] File 1915-02-11
CC-TX-285-28 [Reproduction of head tax certificate for Hung Sze Chung] File 1919-08-25
CC-TX-285-29 [Reproduction of Certificate of Citizenship for Ham Chung] File 1951-12-05
CC-AR-00541 1969 calendar from Yuen Fong Company, Limited Item 1969
CC-AR-00542 1955 calendar from Canadian Bank of Commerce Item 1955
CC-AR-00549 Wooden temple carving Item [ca. 18-?]
CC-AR-00550 Fan Tan set Item [ca. 19-?]
CC-AR-00552 Chinese wedding basket Item [ca. 19-?]
CC-AR-00560 Conical straw hat Item [ca. 19-?]
CC-AR-00561 [San Francisco Chinese newspaper] Item 1939
CC-AR-00562 "The Chinese Times" Newspaper Item 1939
CC-AR-00572 Medicinal jar Item [ca. 19-?]
CC-AR-00573 Medicinal jar Item [ca. 19-?]
CC-AR-00585 Medicinal jars Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00586 Dr. Wei Lan's Kidney and Debility Pills Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00587 Pill vial Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00598 Eucalyptus oil Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00599 Yohimbin capsules Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00600 Medicinal vial Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00607 Calligraphy brush holder and stand Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00608 Stamps Item [ca 19-?]
CC-AR-00635 Fan Tan set Item [1900?]
CC-AR-00636 Opium pipe Item [1900?]
CC-AR-00637 Opium box Item [1900?]
CC-AR-00645 Opium pipe bowl Item [1900?]
CC-AR-00646 Chest Item [1900?]
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