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1-03 To "Dear Lee". From Walter Bradford Cannon (1871-1945) from Cambridge, Mass. and Franklin, N.H. File 1929-07-10
1-07 To "Dear Dr. Lee". From Joseph Erlanger (1874-1965), Physiological Department, Washington University Medical School, 1806 Locust Street, St. Louis. Accepts invitation to lecture to Harvey Society. File 1912-07-15
1-13 To "My dear Frederic". From Graham Lusk, Camp Comfort. Discusses Rubner's steam sterilization technique and his Carpenter and Herter Lectures. Finds Rubner delightful, “quiet and not assertive as I had imagined him from his writings”. File 1912-08-17
1-17 To the Members of the Committee on The International Physiological Congress of 1929. From Frederic S. Lee and Graham Lusk. Discusses means of travel for delegates attending the Congress and the possibility of assisting with travel expenses. Pearce's letter quoted. Attached is a memorandum on further discussions of travel and 2 brief notes on the same subject from Lusk to Lee. File 1926-03-09 - 1926-03-16
1-22 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). More ideas about sources of money. File 1928-05-22
1-26 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). Lists names of institutions which might contribute to Congress funds. “I hope you will soon tackle the de Forest brothers, beginning with Henry, as Rob will inevitably feel desperately poor in view of the fact that he was not an executor of two recently deceased millionaires!” File 1928-12-04
1-30 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). Notes monies received. Discusses means of raising funds at local levels “in order that the support of the International Physiological Congress should become more national in character than it appears to be at present”. File 1929-05-09
1-31 From Graham Lusk, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Department of Physiology. List of monies received. File 1929-05-16
1-35 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). List of funds contributed to the Congress arranged by cities. Lee will be carrying on in his absence and Lusk tells him of arrangements made for this. File 1929-06-26
1-39 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, The Briars, Syosset, Long Island. No disposition yet made of surplus Congress funds and final total not yet known. “Cohn's idea that an endowment fund be set up to pay a secretary to maintain the list of living physiologists for the use of the next Congress, and to retain all surplus funds for that purpose, also appeals to me.” File 1929-09-13
1-44 To “Dear Lee”. From Lafayette Benedict Mendel (1872-1935), 18 Trumbull Street, New Haven, Connecticut. Bibliographical reference to an article on muscle. File [after 1894-01-12]
1-48 To "Dear Lee". From George Havon Putnam, 2, 4 and 6 West 45th Street, New York. Asks for opinion of importance of work being done by (Augustus Désiré) Waller on electrical action of the heart, and the likelihood of a monograph on the subject being worth publishing in North America. Appended is a copy of Lee's reply stressing that Waller's work is important in the diagnosis of heart disease and is being used increasingly. He does not think a published book would reach many readers however. File 1913-10-03 - 1913-10-06
1-53 To “Dear Lee”. From Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, Physiology Dept., Harvard Medical School, Boston. Asks Lee to post a note which he has written to Dr. Charles Dana accepting an invitation to lunch. File 1927-10-19
1-04 To "Dear Dr. Lee”. From Alexis Carrel (1873-1955), The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 66th Street and Avenue A, New York. Thanks Lee for copy of <i>The Human Machine and Industrial Efficiency</i>. File 1919-02-25
1-08 To "Dear Dr. Lee". From Sir Charles Lovatt Evans (1884-1968), Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, University of London, University College, Gower Street, London, W.C.1. Discusses his work on decerebrate rigidity and the sale of his book <i>Recent Advances in Physiology </i>in the United States. File 1930-10-10
1-14 To "Dear Frederic". From Graham Lusk, The Briars, Syosset, Long Island. Suggests discontinuance of the Harvey Society until “after the war, It would be a pity to have it only half a success”. File 1918-07-04
1-18 To "My dear Frederic". From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). Sends two rough drafts of material: one to be sent to members “of the Federation” and the other to the Commonwealth Fund asking for funds to assist in proposed Physiological Congress to be held in the eastern United States in 1929. File 1926-04-19
1-23 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, The Briars, Syosset, Long Island. Sorry to hear that Lee, who had been ill, was not yet fully recovered. More discussion about funds. Suggests that Paul Marburg might help pay transportation expenses of Otto Kestner (formerly Cohnheim) and group from Hamburg hospital. "I received a peremptory order from Forbes in Boston to transmit to Messers. Kidder Peabody and Co. the money I have in my possession for the Congress Fund." Feels that it would simplify matters if he retired (as treasurer) and that Forbes might become National Treasurer. File 1928-05-29
1-27 To “Dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, 1030 Fifth Avenue. More about money. File 1929-01-07
1-32 Receipt for cheques sent by Lee to Lusk as Treasurer of the Congress Fund. File 1929-06-10
1-36 Postcard. To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, S.S. Olympic. “Hill writes that as many are coming over as ever attended a European Congress, thanks to American generosity.” Personal comment. File [1929-08-04]
1-40 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, 1030 Fifth Avenue. Discussion of transportation expenses and accommodation for overseas visitors to Congress. File [1929-10-31]
1-41 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc. ) . Report to Lee of accounts handled by him as Treasurer of the Congress, also of expenditures on transportation and accommodation of foreign delegates. Mentions many expressions of appreciation from the members of the latter group, for many of whom it was their first trip to America. File 1929-11-27
1-45 To “Dear Dr. Lee”. From John R. Murlin, Department of Physiology, The University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. Discusses possibility of proceeding with a study of diet in relation to industrial efficiency. File 1919-06-24
1-49 To “My dear Professor Lee”. From Max Rubner (1854-1932), Berlin. Rubner will speak on his “steam disinfection” in English. The Carpenter lecture is fixed for Oct. 3 and “the best day for the Harvey lecture would be the 5 October...” File 1912-07-21
1-54 To “Sehrverehter Herr College!” From Max Verworn (1863-1923), Jena. Speaks of his book and thanks Lee for approving of it and translating it, although others, including Loeb, did not think so much of it. Lee made wider distribution possible. Looking forward to Lee's visit. Interested in Lee's work on muscle fatigue - a subject which he had hoped to work on. Working on hypnosis of animals. File 1898-04-08
1-01 To Professor Frederic S. Lee, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 630 West 168 Street, New York City. From Nicholas Murray Butler (1862-1947), Columbia University in the City of New York. Congratulations on the success of the International Physiological Congress. File 1929-10-16
1-05 To “Dear Lee”. From Henry Drysdale Dakin (1880-1952), Edgehill, Scarborough-on-Hudson, N.Y. Thanks Lee for thinking "of me in connection with the Academy, and I gratefully resign myself to your kind offer". File 1929-12-04
1-09 To “My dear Lee”. From Walter Holbrook Gaskell (1847-1914), The Uplands, Great Shelford, Cambridge. Discusses need for close relationships between various scientific disciplines in medical schools and the value of close proximity of hospitals to provide clinical teaching facilities. File [1913]
1-11 To “Dear Mr. Fackenthal”. From Frederic S. Lee. Sending a short sketch of the life of John Green Curtis. File 1913-10-01
1-15 To "My dear Frederic". From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College, Department of Physiology, First Avenue and 28th Street, New York. Discusses donation from the Biochemical Society (for?) and Stanley Benedict’s opposition to its continuance. Personal news. Death of (Samuel James) Meltzer. Has just finished writing a History of Metabolism and plans another paper and some work. File 1921-01-20
1-19 To "My dear Frederick". From Graham Lusk, 1030 Fifth Avenue. More discussion of the Physiological Congress. A medal to be discussed with Mr. Kuntz of Tiffanys. Money coming from Meltzer Medical Brotherhood. File 1928-01-01
1-24 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, The Briars, Syosset, Long Island. More money received for the Congress fund and suggestions of other sources to be tried. “I hope you are well and strong again. We are none of us growing younger.” File 1928-08-27
1-28 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). Congress fund has now reached original objective of $50,000.00. More Europeans seem to be coming to the Congress than were expected. “Cannon thinks further contributions should not be refused…” Robert de Forest has offered hospitality from Metropolitan Museum to visitors. File 1929-01-07
1-33 Acknowledges two cheques received through F.S. Lee. File 1929-06-24
1-37 Acknowledgement of cheques received from F.S. Lee for Congress Fund. File 1929-08-30
1-42 Financial statement, International Physiological Congress Fund, June 1, 1927 - February 28, 1930. Signed by Graham Lusk, treasurer. “Copy for Dr. Lee of official report to Dr. M...” File 1930-02-28
1-46 To “Dear Dr. Lee”. From Charles Samuel Myers (1873-1946), 16 Bryanston Square W., Cambridge. Myers is a member of Sherrington's Committee on Industrial Fatigue and would be glad if Lee could come "for a chat and for luncheon". File 1918-11-11
1-50 To “Dear Dr. Lee”. From P.R. Schaub, 66 Meadow St. , South Norwalk, Conn. (Dr. Lusk's secretary) mentions receipt of two cheques which she has acknowledged. (Congress fund.) File 1929-07-16
1-51 To “Dear Lee”. From Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer (1850-1935), University of Edinburgh. Thanks Lee for his book The Human Machine. Complains of unwillingness of people to work, of high minimum wage fixed by the government, and of the "dole". File 1919-03-06
1-55 To “Dear Professor Lee”. From Augustus Désiré Waller (1856-1922), Weston Lodge, 32 Grove End Road, N.W. Accepts invitation to lecture at the Harvey Society, suggesting Oct. 4 as the only possible time. Proposes to speak on “A short account of the origin and scope of electrocardiography”. File 1913-07-06
1-56 To “Dear Professor Lee”. Prom Alice Mary Waller, Weston Lodge, 32 Grove End Road, N.W. Asking about availability of DC in building where her husband would lecture as he proposes to bring apparatus to demonstrate variations of the heart. File 1913-07-20
1-02 To "Dear Lee". From Walter Bradford Cannon (1871-1945) from Cambridge, Mass. and Franklin, N.H. File 1926-02-18
1-06 To "My dear Professor Lee". From Louis I. Dublin, Statistician, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., New York City. Discusses rate of increase in diseases of the arteries as shown in reports computed from Census Board figures for 1900 and 1910. File 1914-09-25
1-10 To “Dear Lee”. From William Henry Howell (1860-1945), Director's Office, The John Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, 615 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, Md. Discusses success of Lee's work in raising funds for the forthcoming International Congress of Physiology in Boston. File 1929-07-10
1-12 Annotated typescript of address given by Frederic S. Lee at a dinner in honour of Graham Lusk (1866-1932) on the occasion of his birthday. File 1926-02-15
1-16 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, Cornell University Medical College (etc.). Has written to Pearce (Richard Mills, 1874-1930) about raising money for the projected International Congress of Physiology, and quotes Pearce’s rather negative reply. File 1926-03-01
1-20 Memorandum concerning disposition of moneys received for the International Physiological Congress Fund. File 1928-01-03
1-21 To “Dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, 1030 Fifth Avenue. Thanks Lee for cheques received from Frederic and Albert Straus. Suggest approaching Paul and Felix Marburg for money. File 1928-05-12
1-25 To “My dear Frederic”. From Graham Lusk, The Briars, Syosset, Long Island. More on Congress funds. “I think it would be wise to write to Forbes asking him how much he has raised for the Congress in Boston.” File 1928-09-29
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