Gilean Douglas Fonds Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
33-3 (Correspondence series) Faith, Flossie File 1926-1928
33-4 (Correspondence series) Faith, Flossie File 1925-1927
33-2 (Correspondence series) Faith, Flossie. File 1925
33-1 (Correspondence series) Fisher, Frank. File 1927
32-10 (Correspondence series) Greene, Heber (chaplain for Columbia Coast Mission). File 1950-1958
33-5 (Correspondence series) Squier, Phyrne File 1948-1981
33-10 (Financial series) Income tax File 1969
33-9 (Financial series) Income tax File 1968
33-11 (Financial series) Public Officials & Employees Disclosure Act,1975 File 1975
33-12 (Financial series) Securities File 1936, 1937
34-10 (Inventories series) Channel Rock inventories File
34-9 (Inventories series) List of possessions lost in the mountain cabin fire (legal folder) File 1947
33-14 (Legal documents series) Documents relating to Douglas' property on the Coquihalla and Cortes File
33-13 (Legal documents series) Personal legal documents File
32-9 (Legal size) "My Guests Don't Stink" File
34-8 (Legal size) Account sheets for logs sold from Channel Rock. File 1953-1960
33-8 (Legal size) Address list "for poetry book" and "for Valley book" File 1984
34-13 (Legal size) Clippings of W.I. articles File
34-14 (Legal size) Clippings of W.I. articles File
34-15 (Legal size) Clippings of articles by Grant Madison (one of Douglas' pseudonyms). File
31-14 (Legal size) Columbia Coast Mission, settlements & people. (Research) File
32-11 (Legal size) Doherty, Jack File 1928
34-1 (Legal size) Douglas vs. Ellis. File 1902
33-6 (Legal size) Douglas/Bish File 1981-1982
33-7 (Legal size) Douglas/Bish File 1983
31-13 (Legal size) Empress Hotel Christmas (research) File
31-6 (Legal size) FWIC 19th Biennial Conference - 1955. File 1955
33-4 (Legal size) Faith, Flossie File ca. 1925-1927
33-2 (Legal size) Faith, Flossie File 1925
33-3 (Legal size) Faith, Flossie File 1926-1928
34-5 (Legal size) Gilean's report cards from Glen Mawr school. File 1912-1915
31-5 (Legal size) Henry Marshall Tory Award. File
32-3 (Legal size) Howe Sound / Gibsons / Sechelt File
33-10 (Legal size) Income tax File 1969
33-9 (Legal size) Income tax File 1968
31-3 (Legal size) Ledger with records of Douglas' expenses File 1952- 1956
34-9 (Legal size) List of possessions lost in the mountain cabin fire. File 1947
31-15 (Legal size) Lists of references (Research) File
34-6 (Legal size) Logging File 1954
34-7 (Legal size) Logging File 1953-1967
32-2 (Legal size) Mehtlakahtla (Research) File
34-11 (Legal size) Newspaper and magazine clippings and articles about Douglas. File
31-9 (Legal size) North V .I. District File
31-8 (Legal size) North V .I. District Conference 1961. File 1961
31-8 (Legal size) North VI. District Conference File 1961
32-6 (Legal size) Notes on silence. File
31-11 (Legal size) Peace River District. File
31-12 (Legal size) Peace River District. File
33-13 (Legal size) Personal legal documents. File
34-2 (Legal size) Poems written by Gilean Douglas' father. File
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