[Postcards and photographs from around the world - part 1] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1626_01_0007 Evening. Loch Arklet Item [not after 1930]
UL_1626_01_0011 I Tank I Go Home Item [between 1920-1940]
UL_1626_01_0012 [Dog with bandaged head] Item 1906
UL_1626_01_0015 Can I play in your Yard? Item 1909
UL_1626_01_0018 Happy Is The Wooing - That's Not Long In Doing Item [not after 1930]
UL_1626_01_0019 It Isn't My Face Kid, It's My Shape Item [not after 1920]
UL_1626_01_0026 Goodbye Item 1911
UL_1626_01_0915 Southampton. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0915_03 Netley Abbey, In the Nave. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0915_04 Arches of the Chapter House, Netley Abbey. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0916 Valenciennes. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0916_02 Valenciennes. - Panorama. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0916_03 Valenciennes. - L'Hotel de Ville et le Theatre. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0916_09 Valenciennes. - Monument Carpeaux. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0916_10 Valenciennes. - La Tour Saint-Gery. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0916_11 Valenciennes. - La Gare. Item [not after 1960]
UL_1626_01_0917_01 Namur - Pont de Jambes et Citadelle. Item [not before 1913]
UL_1626_01_0917_02 Namur - La Gare. Item [not before 1913]
UL_1626_01_0527 Helsingfors. Folkets Hus. - Helsinki. Konsantalo. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0530 9310. Hardanger. Fra Ulvik. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0531 Stockholm. Bondetaget. Dalkarlarna samlas vid Engelbrekskyrkan. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0535 Goteborg. Borsen och Ostra Hamngatan. Item [not before 1949]
UL_1626_01_0536 Wexio. Kungsgatan. Item [not after 1940]
UL_1626_01_0542 Cloetta. Tranasutstallningen 1930. Item [not before 1930]
UL_1626_01_0544 Hassleholm. Stortorget. Item [not after 1930-08-18]
UL_1626_01_0545 Sinclairsholm. Item [not after 1930-08-06]
UL_1626_01_0548 Helsingfors - Helsinki Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0558 Kalmar Slott. Item [not after 1947-06-23]
UL_1626_01_0559 Kuresaar Item [not before 1936]
UL_1626_01_0566 Tallinn. Viruvarav. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0567 767. Oslo. Birkelunden. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0569 Motiv fran Kyrkesund. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0570 S/S Heimdall, trafikerande linjen Stockholm-Abo aret runt. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0571 1857- SO - 1907 Item [not before 1907]
UL_1626_01_0589 The Proposed First Baptist Church corner West El, and Warren Ave. Brockton, Mass Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0600 [Group Portrait] Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0612 16 Area. Camp Pendleton. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0614 13 Area. Camp Pendleton. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0615 No. 991. View at Camp Lewis. American Lake, Wash. Item [not after 1918-10]
UL_1626_01_0623 Fort Montagu. Knaresborough. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0625 [Railyard] Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0633 Janice Logan Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0634 Robert Stack Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0635 Mr. Joseph Coyn as "Harry Q. Conder" and Miss Lily Elise as "Alice" in "The Dollar Princess". Item [not after 1909]
UL_1626_01_0644 Sisseton, So. Dak. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0648 Miner Ave - Stockton, Cal. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0649 Snake River Canyon from Hat Point, Ore. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0652 Old Oregon Trail Highway in the Blue Mountains, Oregon. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0653 "Treasure Island" site of the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. Item [not before 1939]
UL_1626_01_0655 Rainbow Fountain. G. G. I. Exposition '39. Item [not before 1939]
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