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26-1 Phases of prosecution case File
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26-5 Imperial Ordinances of government (18 items - Doc. 200 to Doc. 222) & Pre-War treaties with Japan (11 items - Doc. 224 to Doc . 238) File
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26-9 Ex.404-(499). Documents on the narcotics trade File
26-10 Ex.505-528. German-Japanese relations (10 items, Doc. 1509-2647) File
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26-14 Ex.600-627. German-Japanese-Italian relations File
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27-1 German-Japanese relations (5 items, various Doc. numbers) & Ex.701-729 . Japanese actions in Indo-China and relations with Vichy Government (24 items, various Doc. numbers) File
27-3 Ex.773-799. Japanese-Soviet relations File
27-6 Ex.840,842. Japanese provocative acts in Manchuria (2 items, Doc. 2242 and Doc. 2324) & Ex.840-841 . Five Year Plan for Production of War Materials (2 items, Doc. 9002A and Doc. 9030) File
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27-10 Ex.865-878. Japanese foreign relations, 1940 - 1941 File 1940-1941
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27-15 Ex.923-999. Japanese-Soviet-U.S. relations, pre-War File
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28-4 Ex.1100-1199. Japanese foreign relations File
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28-9 Records of the progress of theoretical maneuvers for total war (Doc. 2228) File
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28-13 Prosecution's opening statement on war atrocities (Doc. 6914) & War atrocities in Indo-China (Doc . 2772) File
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29-2 Ex.1534A-1588A. Treatment of prisoners of war in Burma and Thailand File
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29-6 Ex.1703-1757A. Treatment of prisoners of war in the Dutch East Indies File
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29-10 Ex.1851-1886A. Treatment of prisoners of war in Melanesia File
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29-11 Ex.1888-1915A. Treatment of prisoners of war in China & Ex.1918A-1954A. Treatment of prisoners of war in Japan File
30-2 Ex.20558-2057. Treatment of U.S. prisoners of war in the Pacific File
30-6 Ex.2193-2206A. Japanese relations with China File
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26-2 Constitution of Japan (2 items - Doc. 211, Doc. 6901) See also 30-8 File
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26-6 Propaganda for war File
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