Spider and Jeanne Robinson fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort descending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SPSR-15 New Spider Instr. Item [n.d]
SPSR-14 Hardon You Item [n.d]
SPSR-13 Spider, Here Today Item [n.d]
SPSR-12 NDT - Fall 84 Master Item 1984
SPSR-11 [Untitled] Item [n.d.]
SPSR-10 Possible Beatle Copy Item January 1984
SPSR-09 Joni Mitchell (live) Item [n.d.]
SPSR-08 Laurie Anderson Item [n.d.]
SPSR-07 Meredith Monk Item [n.d.]
SPSR-06 Philip Glass Item [n.d.]
SPSR-05 Steve Reid Item [n.d.]
SPSR-04 John Renbourn Group Item [n.d.]
SPSR-03 Pause before Walk Widow Item [n.d.]
SPSR-02 Contact Acadie May '86 Item May 1986
SPSR-01 Amos Garrett Item [n.d.]
SPFilm-03 [Untitled] Item [n.d.]
SPFilm-02 Pontoon Item September 1, 1983
SPFilm-01 Higher Ground Item [n.d]
SPC-14 - SPC-20 Mind Killer (on tape) Item [n.d.]
SPC-13 Cocktails Item [n.d.]
SPC-12 April '85 Item 1985
SPC-11 Jeanie's Dance Item [n.d.]
SPC-10 NDT Spring '86 Item 1986
SPC-09 House Pets Item [n.d.]
SPC-08 NDT Fall 84 Item 1984
SPC-07 Anthemological Item [n.d.]
SPC-06 Walk Widow Item [n.d.]
SPC-05 Options Item [n.d.]
SPC-04 Anthemological Persuasion Item [n.d.]
SPC-03 Higher Ground Item [n.d.]
SPC-02 School Show Item [n.d.]
SPC-01 NDT Spring '86 - First Half Item 1986
OS-02 reMembering, Nova Dance Theate signage File [ca. 1980]
OS-01 Shifting Gears, Nova Dance Theatre signage File [ca. 1980]
9-9 Miscellaneous Papers : Untitled Story Notes File
9-8 Miscellaneous Papers : Untitled Callahan Story File
9-7 Miscellaneous Papers : 1980 Biblio File 1980
9-6 Miscellaneous Papers : 1978 Hugo Awards Memorabilia File 1978
9-5 Miscellaneous Papers : Early Logs of Sales Attempts File
9-4 Unpublished Fiction : Equal Rites File
9-3 Unpublished Fiction : Sincerest Form File
9-2 Imaro (a novel Charles R. Saunders) Draft File
9-11 Nova Scotian Hotel Floor Plan for a Convention, n.d . File
9-10 Newspaper Clipping File
9-1 Yenium, February, 1978 - No. 13, July, 1984 File 1978, 1984
8-9 "University News" (1) Dalhousie, 1974 File 1974
8-8 "Unearth" (1) No. 1, 1977 File 1977
8-7 "Timescape" (1) File
8-6 "Thrust" (3) 1979-80 File 1979-1980
8-5 "Systems" (1) File
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