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Buildings 1181
Buildings and structures 1
Business & Finance 0
Business & Finance 1
Business & Finance 130
Business & Finance 1
Business & Finance 1
Business and commerce 1
Buttle Lake 1
By-laws 30
  • Tag used for all calligraphic work in the Douglas Coupland fonds
Cambridge Galleries 1
Canada Goose
  • unpublished hand-made book by Douglas Coupland, ca. 1993
Canada House
  • 2004 installation in a "Vancouver Special" slated for demolition that used textiles, furniture, photography, and visual art to explore Canadian identity and Canadiana.
Canada--Economic policy 11
Canada--Social policy 8
Canada. Parliament. House of Commons 1
Canadian Firefighters Memorial

Use for: We Were There, PLANT Architect Inc. , Firefighter Memorial

  • Memorial installation in Ottawa, Ontario dedicated to fallen firefighters, which Coupland and PLANT Architect Inc. submitted a winning submission, entitled "We Were There", to the national competition held to determine its final design. Slated to be publicly unveiled in September 2012.
Canoe Landing Park

Use for: CityPlace Park, Concord CityPlace

  • An 8-hectare park in downtown Toronto, Ontario, designed by Coupland in collaboration with Landscape Architects, The Planning Partnership of Toronto, Public Art Consultant Karen Mills, and Concord Ardex Developments. " The park incorporates integrated artwork in the form of a landform (the bluff) and stand alone art pieces by Douglas Coupland: a canoe large enough for people to stand in and see over the Gardiner to Lake Ontario, a colourful display of large fishing bobbers, a sculptural beaver dam, programmed tree lighting (which will be more evident as the trees fill out), a pair of "iceberg benches" situated near the canoe, the "heart-shaped stone" bronze artwork which was cast from a stone retrieved by Terry's brother at the end of his journey and a one-mile run called the Terry Fox Miracle Mile." .
Carolyn Lacey Kline 0
Celebrations 105
Cemeteries 31
Central Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, B.C. 1
Children's literature 1
Cities & Towns 614
City of Glass

Use for: City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver

  • City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver, is a book by Canadian author Douglas Coupland full of short essays and photographs on different aspects of Vancouver, BC. Published in 2000.
Claims 17

Use for: Clothing design

  • Term used for any fashion design projects or materials about clothing produced by Douglas Coupland
Coastlines 293
Collage 7
Collective labor agreements 16
Commission on Family and Children's Law 1
Communist Party of Canada 2
Community Legal Assistance Society 1
Community Living 1
Conference materials 21
Conference papers and proceedings 6
Constitutions 20
Construction 101
Construction 1
Contemporary Art Gallery

Use for: CAG, Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver CAG

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation 0
Coquitlam (Ship) 3

Use for: Letters, Cards

  • Tag used for material relating to the personal and professional correspondence of Douglas Coupland.
Corwin (Ship) 1
Couplandisms 1
Daphne (Ship) 1
Debt 4
Digital Orca

Use for: Digi Orca, Lego Orca, Pixel Whale, Harbour Spirit

  • Douglas Coupland's first Vancouver public art piece, installed in 2010 in the Jack Poole Plaza outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver Harbour. Consists of a 30+ foot representation of a killer whale, rendered in a series of black and white cubes (approximating a 3D equivalent of pixellation) made of powder coated steel
Display of Merchandise 1
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