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Business & Finance 0
Business & Finance 1
Business & Finance 130
Business & Finance 1
Business & Finance 1
Business and commerce 1
By-laws 30
  • Tag used for all calligraphic work in the Douglas Coupland fonds
Cambridge Galleries 1
Canada Goose
  • unpublished hand-made book by Douglas Coupland, ca. 1993
Canada House
  • 2004 installation in a "Vancouver Special" slated for demolition that used textiles, furniture, photography, and visual art to explore Canadian identity and Canadiana.
Canada--Economic policy 11
Canada--Social policy 8
Canada. Parliament. House of Commons 1
Canadian Firefighters Memorial

Use for: We Were There, PLANT Architect Inc. , Firefighter Memorial

  • Memorial installation in Ottawa, Ontario dedicated to fallen firefighters, which Coupland and PLANT Architect Inc. submitted a winning submission, entitled "We Were There", to the national competition held to determine its final design. Slated to be publicly unveiled in September 2012.
Canoe Landing Park

Use for: CityPlace Park, Concord CityPlace

  • An 8-hectare park in downtown Toronto, Ontario, designed by Coupland in collaboration with Landscape Architects, The Planning Partnership of Toronto, Public Art Consultant Karen Mills, and Concord Ardex Developments. " The park incorporates integrated artwork in the form of a landform (the bluff) and stand alone art pieces by Douglas Coupland: a canoe large enough for people to stand in and see over the Gardiner to Lake Ontario, a colourful display of large fishing bobbers, a sculptural beaver dam, programmed tree lighting (which will be more evident as the trees fill out), a pair of "iceberg benches" situated near the canoe, the "heart-shaped stone" bronze artwork which was cast from a stone retrieved by Terry's brother at the end of his journey and a one-mile run called the Terry Fox Miracle Mile." .
Carolyn Lacey Kline 0
Celebrations 105
Cemeteries 31
Central Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, B.C. 1
Children's literature 1
Cities & Towns 614
City of Glass

Use for: City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver

  • City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver, is a book by Canadian author Douglas Coupland full of short essays and photographs on different aspects of Vancouver, BC. Published in 2000.
Claims 17

Use for: Clothing design

  • Term used for any fashion design projects or materials about clothing produced by Douglas Coupland
Coastlines 293
Collage 7
Collective labor agreements 16
Commission on Family and Children's Law 1
Communist Party of Canada 2
Community Legal Assistance Society 1
Community Living 1
Conference materials 21
Conference papers and proceedings 6
Constitutions 21
Construction 101
Construction 1
Contemporary Art Gallery

Use for: CAG, Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver CAG

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation 0
Coquitlam (Ship) 3

Use for: Letters, Cards

  • Tag used for material relating to the personal and professional correspondence of Douglas Coupland.
Corwin (Ship) 1
Couplandisms 1
Daphne (Ship) 1
Debt 4
Digital Orca

Use for: Digi Orca, Lego Orca, Pixel Whale, Harbour Spirit

  • Douglas Coupland's first Vancouver public art piece, installed in 2010 in the Jack Poole Plaza outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver Harbour. Consists of a 30+ foot representation of a killer whale, rendered in a series of black and white cubes (approximating a 3D equivalent of pixellation) made of powder coated steel
Display of Merchandise 1
Douglas Coupland (104)

Use for: Coupland, Doug Coupland

  • Used for all tags related to Douglas Coupland as a subject
Douglas Coupland: Close Personal Friend 1
Dramatic projects (Coupland) (7)

Use for: Coupland plays, Coupland TV

  • Tag used for all dramatic projects that Douglas Coupland has been associated with, including television shows and scripts, plays, and other materials. Includes both works and projects by Coupland, and those created by others about him or his work.
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