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Mountains 409
Mountains ; Bodies of Water 0
Mutine (Ship) 0
Natural resources 0
  • Used for both the bejewelled hornet's nest in file 184-38 of the Douglas Coupland fonds (title of piece unknown) and the nests Coupland constructed by chewing paper.
Newsletters 16
Nisga'a Treaty 1
Nymphe (Ship) 1
Organizations 0
Parades & processions 1
Parks 268
Pelagic Sealing Commission 1
Penelope (Ship) 5
Performances 12
Permanant Press Landscape 1
  • Tag used for material relating to the personal life of Douglas Coupland including correspondence with family or friends, and items of personal signficance.
Personal and administrative affairs (Coupland) (15)

Use for: Personal, Administrative, Financial

  • Tag used for material relating to the personal and administrative affairs of Douglas Coupland.
Petitions 2

Use for: photos

  • Tag used to bring together all photography in the Douglas Coupland fonds.
Picketing 6
Piers & Wharves 78
Plants 66
Player One
  • Player One: What is to Become of Us? is a book written by Douglas Coupland for the 2010 Massey Lectures. It was published in print following the lectures.
Plywood 1
Polaroids from the Dead
  • 1996 collection of short stories and essays by Douglas Coupland
Police 0
Politicians 1
Portraits 3268
Portraits 0
Portrats 0
Promotional material

Use for: Advertisement

  • Tag used for material relating to the promotion and advertisement of Douglas Coupland's literary, artistic and design work.
Psychology and mental health 4
Public appearance
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's public appearences, including author readings, lectures, exhibition openings and other events.
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's publicity, including promotional material relating to his work, information about his public appearences, material about Coupland and Coupland's correspondence with those involved in his promotion.
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's correspondence with his publishers.
Radio 0
Railroads 321
Redress 1
Reunions 0
Rites & Ceremonies 51
Roads 176
Robert McLaughlin Gallery 1
Rodeo 2
Rodeo 1

Use for: Coupland Roots, Roots Coupland, Roots clothing design

  • Used for clothing design and marketing that Douglas Coupland completed for Roots Canada.
S. S. Mist (Ship) 1
S.M. Simpson Ltd. 0
Safety 2
Saftey 0
Sappho (Ship) 0
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