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Robert McLaughlin Gallery 1
Rodeo 2
Rodeo 1

Use for: Coupland Roots, Roots Coupland, Roots clothing design

  • Used for clothing design and marketing that Douglas Coupland completed for Roots Canada.
S. S. Mist (Ship) 1
S.M. Simpson Ltd. 0
Safety 2
Saftey 0
Sappho (Ship) 0
Sawmills 1
Sawmills 18
School children 7
Schools 30
Scottish Dramatic Society 1
Sealers (Persons)--Canada 1
Sealing 28
Sealing ships 16
September 10
  • Douglas Coupland's one man show
Shampoo Planet
  • 1992 novel by Douglas Coupland
Ship registries 6
Ship's papers 12
Ships 377
Ships 0
Shop stewards 4
Simon Fraser University

Use for: SFU

  • Tag used for material relating to Simon Fraser University.
Simpson Covenant 1
  • Tag used for sketches, preparatory drawings, doodles, and other unfinished works by Douglas Coupland.

Use for: Slogans for the 21st Century, Twelve Slogans for the Early Twenty-first Century, Slogans for the Twenty-first Century

  • Tag used for all draft and finished slogans created by Douglas Coupland, some of which came to be used in Coupland's Twelve Slogans for the Early Twenty-first Century (2011, plywood, black pigment and lacquer) )
Souvenir of Canada (book)
  • 2002 book by Douglas Coupland
Souvenir of Canada (film adaptation) 1
Souvenir of Canada 2 (book)
  • 2004 book by Douglas Coupland

Use for: Spike Exhibit, Spike show

  • Spike was a 2001 art exhibition and scuplture installation by Douglas Coupland.
Sports 54
St. Andrews and Caledonian Society, Vancouver, B.C. 1
Stamp collecting 1
Statistics--Methodology 1
Steamboats 1
Stores, Retail 1
Streets 357
Strikebreakers 25
Strikes and lockouts 81
Students 19
Subpoena 1
Super City
  • Super City was an art installation and exhibit prepared by Douglas Coupland, inspired by the 1960's toy kits Super City. Coupland also published a book entitled Super City (2005) to accompany the exhibition, limited to 750 copies.

Use for: Starburst clock, Coupland clock, Don Mills clock, Super Nova, Starburst

  • Clock designed by Douglas Coupland in 2009, and erected at Shops at Don Mills, Toronto, Ontario.
Swiftsure (Ship) 0
Sworn to Fun, Loyal to None
  • 2011 painting by Douglas Coupland, using a QR code. Acrylic on canvas, 72" x 72"
Television 8
Television 0
Terry Fox
  • Used for all projects Douglas Coupland has worked on related to Terry Fox, including his Terry Fox Memorial (design unveiled for BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, BC in January 2011) and his book, Terry.
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