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Strikes and lockouts 81
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Subpoena 1
Super City
  • Super City was an art installation and exhibit prepared by Douglas Coupland, inspired by the 1960's toy kits Super City. Coupland also published a book entitled Super City (2005) to accompany the exhibition, limited to 750 copies.

Use for: Starburst clock, Coupland clock, Don Mills clock, Super Nova, Starburst

  • Clock designed by Douglas Coupland in 2009, and erected at Shops at Don Mills, Toronto, Ontario.
Swiftsure (Ship) 0
Sworn to Fun, Loyal to None
  • 2011 painting by Douglas Coupland, using a QR code. Acrylic on canvas, 72" x 72"
Television 8
Television 0
Terry Fox
  • Used for all projects Douglas Coupland has worked on related to Terry Fox, including his Terry Fox Memorial (design unveiled for BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, BC in January 2011) and his book, Terry.
The Basement Show

Use for: Basement Show

  • 2004 exhibition in Vancouver, BC in which Douglas Coupland participated.
The Canada Pictures
  • Series of photographs of Canadiana by Douglas Coupland (2000/2001; inkjet prints, 65 x 44 in)
The Gum Thief
  • 2007 novel by Douglas Coupland.
The New York Times Book Review

Use for: NYT Book Review

The Penguins Exhibition 3

Use for: Theater

  • Used for anything related to the theatre (including scripts, publicity, etc) in the Douglas Coupland fonds.

Use for: Thesis

  • Term used for theses on, about, referencing, or by Coupland that appear in the Douglas Coupland fonds.
Thousand Dollar Quilt

Use for: Button blanket

  • Title of a work by Douglas Coupland, in which Loonies are attached to a quilt to re-interpret the traditional Haida "button blanket"
Timber Industry 3
Time Capsules 1
Totem Poles 36
Trade 35
Trade regulation 24
Transportation and utilities 1
Travel 126
Travel (Coupland)
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's travel, including correspondence, schedules, itineraries and travel ephemera.
Travel clubs 3
Tugboats 1
Unions 32
Universities & Colleges 26
Universities and colleges--Alumni and alumnae 1
University of British Columbia

Use for: UBC

  • Tag used for material relating to the University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia. Alumni Association 2
University of British Columbia. Library 3

Use for: Vancouver Pole, New Cities Summit

  • Described by the National Post as "a slim, modular utility pole that would connect to underground optical wiring," it was designed by Coupland as a means of addressing wireless, cellular, and electrical insfrastructure without cluttering the visual landscape. Unveiled by Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberston at the New Cities Summit Paris, 2012.
Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Use for: Vancouver Olympics

Vancouver Art Gallery 1
Vancouver Magazine 3
Venture (Ship) 5
Visual art (Coupland) (41)

Use for: Coupland art, Art Coupland, Coupland paintings, Painting Coupland

  • Tag used for all visual arts and related projects in the Douglas Coupland fonds.
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Walrus Magazine 1
Wanderer (Ship) 1
Warfare 8
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Woodcutting 9
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