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Industries--Oil and gas 3
Cultural groups--German 1
Cultural groups--Russian 2
Cultural groups--Finnish 2
Hate groups
  • Use for organizations which: spread lies intended to incite hatred toward certain groups of people; advocate violence against certain groups on the basis of sexual orientation, race, colour, religion etc.; claim that their identity (racial, religious etc.) is 'superior' to that of other people; do not value the human rights of other people.
Natural resources--Oil and gas 3
Cultural groups--Vietnamese 1
Cultural groups--Chilean 1
Natural resources--Hydro-electric 5
Cultural groups--Swedish 0
Cultural groups--Korean 1
Cultural groups--Icelandic 0
Cultural groups--Japanese 3
Cultural groups--Chinese 5
  • History, social, political and cultural situation of women
  • Women’s issues
  • Individuals
  • Clubs, societies, organizations
  • Women-only facilities and activities
  • Records created by women
Transportation and utilities
  • Act or means of transporting from one place to another
  • Act or means of providing water, power, sewage etc. to communities
  • Facilities and infrastructures (eg. harbours, highways, airports, sewage treatment plants, electric systems, hydro-electric projects)
  • Vehicles, rolling stock, aircraft, equipment, ships and boats, ferries
  • Accidents (highway crashes, derailments, air crashes, shipwrecks, etc)
  • Rescue services (eg. towing, coast guard)
  • Businesses and corporations (eg. towing and repair services, motor associations)
  • Professional organizations, unions
  • See also: Agriculture, Business and commerce, Industries, Military
Sports, recreation and leisure
  • Physical activity, occupations or amusements carried out by humans for the purpose of wellness, socializing, relaxation, entertainment or competition
  • Sports, outdoor recreation, hobbies, games, travel, etc.
  • Individuals, organizations, clubs
  • Professional and amateur competitors / teams
  • Education and training
  • Businesses
Science and technology
  • Study and application of science
  • Scientists, researchers, etc.
  • Research / research foundations, institutes
  • Technology schools / programs
  • Clubs, user groups, professional organizations
  • Personal, institutional and organizational relationships between humans and what they regard as holy, sacred or divine
  • Churches and denominations
  • Religious orders, groups and organizations
  • Non-traditional groups and organizations (sometimes referred to as cults)
  • Individuals (ministers, missionaries, members of religious orders, etc.)
  • Schools, charities, missions and hospitals run by religious groups
  • Religious theory and study
  • Individuals (politicians, campaigners, party members)
  • Political parties, campaigns and organizations
  • Political theory and study
  • Clubs, societies, associations - all types, except official (government) functions (eg. agricultural, business, charitable, community, cultural, ethnic, fraternal, labour, military, political, professional, recreational, social, sports)
Natural resources--Minerals 9
Natural resources--Forests 16
Natural resources--Fisheries 16
Natural resources
  • Land, water, minerals, forests, fisheries, soil, oil and gas
  • Energy (eg. hydro-electric, thermal, solar)
  • Game management
  • Individuals, industries and businesses
  • Regulatory and professional organizations
  • See also: Businesses and commerce, Environment, Industries, Land, settlement and immigration
  • Military service, training and activities
  • Military institutions, bases, sites
  • Individuals and organizations (eg. veterans, military personnel, militia, cadets)
  • Military vehicles and ships
  • Equipment, weapons, uniforms, artifacts
  • Legislation
Law and justice
  • Activities / structures re administration of law and justice
  • Law enforcement (eg. police forces, RCMP, coast guard)
  • Courts, prisons, remand centres
  • Litigation, arbitration, mediation, restorative justice, reconciliation, settlements
  • Administrative and support organizations (police boards)
  • Community service programs
  • Legislation
  • Individuals (eg. lawyers, judges, police officers, bylaw officers, criminals)
  • Professional organizations
Land, settlement and immigration
  • Claiming, settling and moving to a new land
  • Land titles, distribution, grants etc
  • Community and regional settlement patterns
  • Land settlement companies
  • Land surveys / surveyors
  • Real estate companies and activities
  • Organizations involved in sponsoring / supporting immigrants
Labour--Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 14
  • Labour and union organizations
  • Professional associations with labour focus (eg. teachers, nurses)
  • Arbitration boards
  • Individuals
  • Events (eg. strikes)
  • Union-associated social groups
Industries--Mining 9
  • Resource industries (eg. mining, forestry, fishing, etc.)
  • Resource industry cooperatives
  • Processing, packing and shipping industries
  • Construction, ship building
  • Salvage companies and operations
  • See also: Agriculture, Business and commerce, Transportation and utilities
Industries--Forestry 16
Industries--Fishing 18
Health and social services
  • Activities / systems for maintaining and preserving individual / community health and wellness. Provided by public, private or community agencies or individuals.
  • Medical services, hospitals, clinics
  • Social programs and services (eg. youth, seniors, mental illness, maternity, counseling, support)
  • Fire and emergency services, disaster relief
  • Protective services and emergency support (eg. community watch) - not police
  • Safety and community health programs and training
  • Individuals (eg. doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, counselors, clinicians)
  • Health and wellness services offered by charitable groups (eg. meditation,retreats)
  • Businesses
  • Professional and support organizations
  • Local, municipal, regional, provincial, federal, jurisdictional
  • Officials (eg. mayors, premiers, MLAs, ministers, civil servants)
  • Hospital districts, improvement districts, land districts, school boards, health boards, library boards, police boards, etc.
  • First nations and tribal governments
  • Support organizations (eg. municipal associations)
  • Organizations in direct response to government (eg. ratepayers associations)
  • Protest against government
  • Taxes
Geographic features
  • Includes both natural and artificial features
  • Physical landscape, built landscape
  • Urban and industrial landscapes
  • Topography
  • Site plans
  • Boundaries, districts, reserves, parks, sanctuaries, towns, etc.
  • NOTE: Mainly but not exclusively pertaining to photographic and cartographic records
  • See also: Land, settlement and immigration
First nations
  • Individuals / communities of native ancestry
  • Metis and Inuit
  • Records pertaining to / created by First nations individuals, families, bands, agencies
  • Government agencies and treaties
  • First nations organizations and businesses
  • First nations schools and education
  • Issues pertaining to First Nations peoples or history
Family and personal life
  • Individuals (all ages), families
  • Friendships, personal relationships, home life
  • Generational records
  • Genealogical records
  • Sexuality
  • Support and charitable organizations for the private lives of families and individuals
  • See also: Community life, Children and youth, Women
Exploration, discovery and travel
  • Personal, geographical, scientific, mapping, other
  • Expeditions, exploration, adventure, prospecting, guiding,
  • Individuals and groups (eg. explorers, adventurers, prospectors, guides, outfitters)
  • Expedition planning / reports and accounts
  • Personal travels for discovery and education (eg. travel diaries)
  • Early contact with First Nations
  • See also: Land, settlement and immigration
Events and celebrations
  • Specific cultural, arts, political, sports, holiday and community events; also personal events
  • Organizations, public agencies and businesses dedicated to planning for event/s
  • Centennials, parades, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts
  • Ceremonies (openings, graduations, sod-turnings, etc.)
  • Parties (community, birthday, anniversary, etc)
  • Royal visits, campaigns
  • Weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.
  • Protests and demonstrations
  • Environmental issues (eg. air quality, pollution, habitat destruction, endangered species, recycling)
  • Nature, wilderness, scenery
  • Climate, weather
  • Individuals, organizations, businesses
  • Parks, natural areas, wildlife management
  • Habitat and species protection / recovery
  • Conservation movement / activities
  • Activities / structures relating to educational activities
  • Individual teachers / educators
  • Students, all ages
  • Public and private schools / agencies offering training or education
  • Vocational training and continuing education
  • Regulatory and support organizations
  • Professional organizations
Cultural groups
  • Individuals / groups working towards preservation of a particular cultural group or cultural community
  • Activities / events promoting life / values of cultural group/s
  • Movements, initiatives, legislation etc. that promotes the existence and participation of diverse ethnic, racial, religious or social groups within the larger community
Community life
  • Communities can exist in municipalities, towns and villages, neighbourhoods, religious and cultural groups, camps, schools, etc.
  • Community activities and events
  • Groups working for the development and/or maintenance of events, services and facilities for the community, community spirit, and community promotion
  • Community support and charitable organizations
  • Community booster and event promotion agencies
  • Fraternal organizations
  • See also: Family and personal life, Events and celebrations
  • Individuals (eg. journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers)
  • Communication media (eg. newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio, television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet)
  • Communication businesses, cooperatives, organizations (eg. advertising, printing, publishing, photofinishing)
  • Symbols, logos, flags
  • Professional organizations
Children and youth
  • Re: persons aged 20 or younger
  • Records created by children and youth
  • Children and youth issues
  • Activities, organizations, programs, events etc. devoted to children and/or youth
  • See also: Family and personal life, Community life
Business and commerce
  • Commercial and mercantile activity involving exchange of commodities, services or financial resources
  • Retail businesses, service businesses, banking
  • Individual business owners and operators
  • Business-related associations and chambers of commerce
  • Note: DO NOT USE for not-for-profit enterprises
Buildings and structures
  • Buildings (eg. residences, commercial, factories, churches, community centres, jails, arenas, hotels)
  • Monuments, statues, shrines, etc.
  • Bridges, trestles
  • Building management
  • Construction
  • Note: DO NOT USE when records pertain to functions or activities carried out in/on a building or structure, unless the building and function are directly related (eg. hotels - provide accommodation)
Arts and culture
  • Visual arts
  • Performing arts
  • Literature
  • Artists (musicians, actors, visual artists, dancers, writers, architects, photographers, etc.)
  • Institutions (eg. foundations, museums, art schools, heritage sites, libraries, archives)
  • Arts and/or culture related businesses and organizations (eg. book stores, Canadian Club)
  • Cultural events (eg. fairs, parades, lectures, festivals, presentations)
  • Research, projects or writing pertaining to arts and/or culture
  • Professional organizations
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