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Sworn to Fun, Loyal to None
  • 2011 painting by Douglas Coupland, using a QR code. Acrylic on canvas, 72" x 72"
Firefighter Memorial 2

Use for: Slogans for the 21st Century, Twelve Slogans for the Early Twenty-first Century, Slogans for the Twenty-first Century

  • Tag used for all draft and finished slogans created by Douglas Coupland, some of which came to be used in Coupland's Twelve Slogans for the Early Twenty-first Century (2011, plywood, black pigment and lacquer) )
Thousand Dollar Quilt

Use for: Button blanket

  • Title of a work by Douglas Coupland, in which Loonies are attached to a quilt to re-interpret the traditional Haida "button blanket"
Emily Carr (artist)
  • This term relates to artwork on the subject of Emily Carr (the person/artist) created by Douglas Coupland, such as for the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2010.

Use for: photos

  • Tag used to bring together all photography in the Douglas Coupland fonds.
The Penguins Exhibition 3
The Canada Pictures
  • Series of photographs of Canadiana by Douglas Coupland (2000/2001; inkjet prints, 65 x 44 in)
  • Tag used to group together the public art exhibitions in which Douglas Coupland has participated.
Infinite Tire

Use for: Canadian Tire art

  • Proposal for a public art installation designed by Coupland for Canadian Tire, ca. 2010.
Digital Orca

Use for: Digi Orca, Lego Orca, Pixel Whale, Harbour Spirit

  • Douglas Coupland's first Vancouver public art piece, installed in 2010 in the Jack Poole Plaza outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver Harbour. Consists of a 30+ foot representation of a killer whale, rendered in a series of black and white cubes (approximating a 3D equivalent of pixellation) made of powder coated steel
Life Size Toy Soldier 1
  • Tag used for sketches, preparatory drawings, doodles, and other unfinished works by Douglas Coupland.
Canadian Firefighters Memorial

Use for: We Were There, PLANT Architect Inc. , Firefighter Memorial

  • Memorial installation in Ottawa, Ontario dedicated to fallen firefighters, which Coupland and PLANT Architect Inc. submitted a winning submission, entitled "We Were There", to the national competition held to determine its final design. Slated to be publicly unveiled in September 2012.

Use for: Starburst clock, Coupland clock, Don Mills clock, Super Nova, Starburst

  • Clock designed by Douglas Coupland in 2009, and erected at Shops at Don Mills, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Tag used for all calligraphic work in the Douglas Coupland fonds
Monument to the War of 1812

Use for: War of 1812, 1812 monument

  • Monument created by Douglas Coupland in 2008, erected outside of a condominium near Fort York in Toronto, Ontario. The monument depicts two large toy soldiers, a gold one standing over a fallen silver soldier. Constructed of steel and resin by Heavy Industries in Calgary, Alberta.
Super City
  • Super City was an art installation and exhibit prepared by Douglas Coupland, inspired by the 1960's toy kits Super City. Coupland also published a book entitled Super City (2005) to accompany the exhibition, limited to 750 copies.
Canoe Landing Park

Use for: CityPlace Park, Concord CityPlace

  • An 8-hectare park in downtown Toronto, Ontario, designed by Coupland in collaboration with Landscape Architects, The Planning Partnership of Toronto, Public Art Consultant Karen Mills, and Concord Ardex Developments. " The park incorporates integrated artwork in the form of a landform (the bluff) and stand alone art pieces by Douglas Coupland: a canoe large enough for people to stand in and see over the Gardiner to Lake Ontario, a colourful display of large fishing bobbers, a sculptural beaver dam, programmed tree lighting (which will be more evident as the trees fill out), a pair of "iceberg benches" situated near the canoe, the "heart-shaped stone" bronze artwork which was cast from a stone retrieved by Terry's brother at the end of his journey and a one-mile run called the Terry Fox Miracle Mile." .
Collage 7
  • Used for both the bejewelled hornet's nest in file 184-38 of the Douglas Coupland fonds (title of piece unknown) and the nests Coupland constructed by chewing paper.
Terry Fox
  • Used for all projects Douglas Coupland has worked on related to Terry Fox, including his Terry Fox Memorial (design unveiled for BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, BC in January 2011) and his book, Terry.
Visual art (Coupland) (41)

Use for: Coupland art, Art Coupland, Coupland paintings, Painting Coupland

  • Tag used for all visual arts and related projects in the Douglas Coupland fonds.

Use for: Prizes

  • Tag used for material relating to awards, prizes or nominations received by Douglas Coupland for his artistic, literary or design work.
University of British Columbia

Use for: UBC

  • Tag used for material relating to the University of British Columbia
Libel suit

Use for: Libel case

  • Tag used for material relating to the libel suit started by author W.P. Kinsella after the 1997 publication of an article entitled

Use for: Invitations

  • Tag used for material relating to events that Coupland was either featured at, invited to, or attended.

Use for: Letters, Cards

  • Tag used for material relating to the personal and professional correspondence of Douglas Coupland.

Use for: Thesis

  • Term used for theses on, about, referencing, or by Coupland that appear in the Douglas Coupland fonds.
Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Use for: Vancouver Olympics

Personal and administrative affairs (Coupland) (15)

Use for: Personal, Administrative, Financial

  • Tag used for material relating to the personal and administrative affairs of Douglas Coupland.
Promotional material

Use for: Advertisement

  • Tag used for material relating to the promotion and advertisement of Douglas Coupland's literary, artistic and design work.
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's publicity, including promotional material relating to his work, information about his public appearences, material about Coupland and Coupland's correspondence with those involved in his promotion.
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's correspondence with his publishers.
Public appearance
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's public appearences, including author readings, lectures, exhibition openings and other events.
Simon Fraser University

Use for: SFU

  • Tag used for material relating to Simon Fraser University.
  • Tag used for ephemeral material in the Douglas Coupland fonds, including various pieces of collected records of daily life, like ticket stubs, boarding passes and handwritten notes.
  • Tag used for material relating to the personal life of Douglas Coupland including correspondence with family or friends, and items of personal signficance.
Lectures, speeches and interviews (Coupland) (3)
  • Tag used for material relating to Douglas Coupland's participation in lecture, speeches and interviews relating to his literary, design and artistic work.
Lectures 1
Interviews 7
Massey 3

Use for: Coupland Roots, Roots Coupland, Roots clothing design

  • Used for clothing design and marketing that Douglas Coupland completed for Roots Canada.
Fashion design projects (Coupland) (2)

Use for: Fashion Coupland, Coupland clothing

  • Used to group all terms related to fashion design by Douglas Coupland

Use for: Clothing design

  • Term used for any fashion design projects or materials about clothing produced by Douglas Coupland
Dramatic projects (Coupland) (7)

Use for: Coupland plays, Coupland TV

  • Tag used for all dramatic projects that Douglas Coupland has been associated with, including television shows and scripts, plays, and other materials. Includes both works and projects by Coupland, and those created by others about him or his work.
Feng Shui Productions
  • Douglas Coupland's production company
Television 8
Souvenir of Canada (film adaptation) 1
Douglas Coupland: Close Personal Friend 1
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