Admiralty-related correspondence, documents, and photographs. Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Incoming letter from Admiral Sir Charles Ekins. Item 1834
1-7 Incoming letter from [Charles B.H. Ross] Item 1847
Copy of notice set afloat in a cask [from the HMS North Star], 24 August 1853 Item 1853
1-8 Photocopies of documents found in Northern Arctic File [196-]
Incoming letter from Belford Hinton, Charge d'affaires, British Legation, Lima, Peru Item 1838
Orders to Mr. Shellabear [Second Master, HMS North Star] Item 1853
[Statements of the four men forming the late Lieut. Bellot's party...] 24 August 1853 Item 1853
1-7 Incoming letters - Great Britain, Admiralty and related [documents] File 1833-1854
Incoming letter from David Graham Miller, Acting Surgeon of HMSV Aetna. Item 1833
Incoming letter from F. B. [F. Beaufort] Item 1844
Incoming letter from F. Beaufort Item 1849
Incoming letter from W. A.B. Hamilton Item
Incoming letters from Commander Pullen [HMS North Star] Item 1853-1854
Incoming letters from Robert McClure, Commander late HMS Investigator Item 1854
Incoming letter from R. Osborne [addressed to Edw. A. Inglefield, HMSS Phoenix] Item 1853
Message left at Northumberland Sound by Edward Belcher, Spring 1853 Item 1853
Incoming letter to the late Lieutenant Bellot on his leaving charged with dispatches for Captain Sir Edward Belcher [24 August 1853] Item 1853
1-9 Photographs of documents found in Northern Arctic File 1966