Alexander Stephen fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
01-01 Atlantis, A Lyric Drama File n.d.
01-04-02 Myths of the Coast Indians Item n.d.
01-04-03 A Proposal for Pageant Depicting Development of Sea Commerce and City of Vancouver Item n.d.
01 The Argonaut Item [1930]
03-03-01 The Hands of the Virgin. A Play in One Act. Item n.d.
03 A Pageant for Labour Day Item n.d.
04 Near Bethlehem Item n.d.
06 Famous Mothers Item n.d.
10 Snowdrop and the Ghosts Item n.d.
03-05 Canadian Voices and Others. (Part 1 of 2) File n.d.
03-09 Poems (Unpublished) File n.d.
01-09-04 Puritan and Pagan. Item n.d.
01-09-07 Canada's Birthday Greetings to the United States Item July 4, 1941
04-01-01 Canadian Poets and the War. Item 1942
04-01-05 Expressionism in Modern Drama Item n.d.
Manuscripts: Miscellaneous Subseries 1916
04-03-01 The Theatre Guild Inc. Item n.d.
04-03-06 Articles typed out of newspapers Item 1924-1925
04-03-09 Mailing List Resulting from Tour Item n.d.
04-03-14 Northwest Writers of the States of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (list of addresses) Item n.d.
04-03-18 Mailing List Item n.d.
04-03-19 Lords of the Air. Copies for Review to… Item n.d.
01-10-01 "The Major Note in Canadian Poetry," Dalhousie Review, Vol. IX, no. 1 Item April 1929
01-10-08 "Ta Grammata," Dalhousie Review. Vol. XII, no. 2. Item July 1932
04-02-03 Stephen, A.M. "From the Canadian West." The Lariat. Item June 1926
04-02-11 Review of A.M. Stephen's The Kingdom of the Sun by Canadienne, Canadian Bookman. Item October 1927
05-02 Portrait of A.M. Stephen from brochure, enclosed in vinyl case File n.d.
02-01-01 Child Conservation, Vancouver, The Social Services League Item n.d.
02-01-07 The League for Social Reconstruction in Canada, Vancouver Item [1932]
02-01-10 "Veritas," The Great Betrayal, [Vancouver] Item n.d.
02-02-03 The Voice of Canada Item n.d.
02-02-04 The Lands of Singing Waters Item n.d.
02-02-05 The Kingdom of the Sun Item n.d.
02-02-08 Brown Earth and Bunch Grass Item n.d.
02-02-11 Program of a recital by Stephen presented by the Vancouver Poetry Society. Item n.d.
02-02-12 Lord of the Air, poems of the present war, Vancouver, The Author Item [1940]
02-01-26 Dr. Norman Bethune and Chow Tsang Ching, leader of 8th Route Army. Item n.d.
02-01-27 Family of A.M. Stephen Item 1942 and 1964
02-02-15 Ruohgar, A. Item n.d.
01-11-02 Pearson, G. S. Item June 1937
01-12-02 [Nerum, R] The Rectory, Oberbrook, Pa. Item April 1924
01-12-03 Smith, Mary Item December 1923
01-12-04 Ruohgar, A. Item n.d.
01-12-05 Cheyney, Ralph Item n.d.
01-12-08 Anstey, A. Item September 1926
01-12-09 MacDonald, Wilson Item November 1926
01-12-19 Sanger, Margaret Item [1923]
01-12-25 O'Hagan, Thomas Item January 1926
01-12-26 Macdonald, L.N. Montgomery Item December 1927
01-13-02 Sahu, L.N. Item August 1929
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