Book Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1-12 A Very Ordinary Life as told to Rolf Knight File
1-16 Charlie Farquharson’s History of Canada File
1-18 Emigranter – en bok om den stora utvandringen till Amerika File
1-22 Trad Som bara gronska by Arthur Landfors File
2-06 Canada and Immigration: Public Policy and Public Concern File
2-08 Nybyggarliv I Svensk – Amerika by Albin Widen File
1-10 Harjedalingar I Vasterled File
1-11 Tough Timber: the loggers of British Columbia and their story File
1-17 Scandia – Then and now File
2-01 The Swedish Heritage in America File
2-02 Swedish America 1914-1932: Studies in Ethnicity with Emphasis on Illinois and Minnesota by Sture Lindmark File
2-04 American Swedish Historical Foundation Yearbook 1968 File
2-05 American Swedish Historical Foundation Yearbook 1969-1970 File
1-06 American Swedish '73 File
1-08 Folkdrakter: och bygdedrakter fran hela sverige File
1-14 A Conspectus of Canada Cenntenial Year 1967 File
1-15 A Nation of Immigrants – John F. Kennedy File
1-19 Vad Gjorde Farfar I Amerika? File
1-20 Vancouver’s Svenskar: A history of the Swedish community in Vancouver File
1-21 Trad Som bara gronska by Arthur Landfors File
2-03 American Swedish Historical Foundation Yearbook 1967 File
2-07 The Canadian Family Tree File
2-09 English Swedish and Svedish English Dictionary Purchased in Johenburg, Sweden, July 1928 for 50 cents by OLOF SEAHOLM File
1-05 Drommen om Ammerika by Ulf Beijbom File
1-07 Amerikaemigrationeon I dokument by Albin Widen File
1-09 Bishop Hill Svensk koloni pa prarien File
1-13 Var sista folkvandring File