British Columbia historical photograph collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BC-424 108 Mile House, owned by Thomas Roper Item [187-?]
BC-427/2 Interior of church at Three Rivers, Quebec, where Bishop Provencher attended Item 1938
BC-431 Clinton, B.C., two stagecoaches with passengers and drivers parked outside the Clinton Hotel Item [1865?].
BC-443 Captain Cook's monument, Napoopoo, Hawaii Item [193-?].
BC-444/4 Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser's house, The Vache, Chalfont, St. Giles, Bucks., from the top of the Cook monument. Item 1966 June 19
BC-444/5 Part of Cook monument at The Vache, Chalfont St Giles. Item 1966
BC-450 A. Dalrymple Item [17--?].
BC-462 Macaulay [Point], 1878 Item 1878
BC-470 Eight Mile Canyon above Yale. Item [189-?].
BC-471 Sir Sandford Fleming Item [19--?].
BC-475 Esquimalt, Naval Hospital Item 1873
BC-478 Topping the spar tree, B.C. Item [192-?].
BC-479 Four of these logs with an actual scale of 63,790 feet were cut from one tree. Item [193-?].
BC-480 B.C., group photo of loggers. Item [192-?].
BC-488 [Vancouver, B.C., oxen pulling logs over a skid road] Item [between 1895 and 1900]
BC-489/1-12 New Westminster, B.C., 12 photographs of East Indians working at the Canadian Western Lumber Company and the Royal City Mills : between 1900 and 1910 Item 1900-1910.
BC-489/5 Three East Indian men in lumber yard. Item [190?]
BC-489/8 Men lined up outside of unidentified building. Item [190?]
BC-489/12 Men loading lumber onto a boat. Item [190?]
BC-509 Lillooet, B.C., view of the Fraser River and Chimney Creek Bridge Item [1927?]
BC-510 Fort Langley, B.C., flag raising ceremony at the unveiling of the memorial cairn. Item 1925 May 2.
BC-511 Fort Langley, B.C., Judge Howay addressing the crowd on August 8, 1923. Item 1923
BC-517/1 View of car parked on road by Fraser River. Item 192-?
BC-517/4 Car parked on road in front of a tunnel. Item 192-?
BC-523/4 Station "W. Glacier" Item [1894?].
BC-524/4 Station Wright Item 1907
BC-524 Station Wright Item 1907
BC-526/1 Station "Wells" Item 1907
BC-527 Aulnay de Charnisay, Governor of Acadia and great colonizer Item [164?]
BC-529 Golden, B.C.?, early buildings, including the Golden and East Kootenay Trading Company Item [188-?].
BC-534 Captain J.M. Grant Item [18--?]
BC-536 Judge Haliburton, author of "Sam Slick", and residence, Windsor, N.S. Item [19--?]
BC-538 Hong Kong?, houses built on stilts over the shore Item [192-?].
BC-539 Outrigger canoes at Kealakekua Bay after escorting [two ships] ashore, August 18 1928 Item 1928
BC-543/2 Captain Cook's monument at Kaawaloa Item 1928
BC-545 Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, Judge Howay with Canadian wreath Item 1928
BC-501 Photograph of a portrait painting of Simon Fraser. Item 180-?
BC-550 Hitchcock, Assistant Melter at Assay Office and Mint. Item [186-?]
BC-561/2 At Chapmans Bar, Oct. 4, 1925 Item 1925
BC-562 Sappers Monument, Spuzzum, B.C. : 1928 July 2. Item [1928].
BC-564 Judge F.W. Howay and wife? Item ca. 1920
BC-575/1 Interview view of room in Judge Howay's home. Item [194-?]
BC-576 Undine Howay Item ca. 1927
BC-577 Capt. Jefferson D. Howell. Item [187-?]
BC-581 Ruined chimney at Fort Reliance, Great Slave Lake, N.W.T. Item [192-?]
BC-583 Bygones Item 1929
BC-584-1 to 15 Brandon House No. 1, Fort Souris and Fort Assiniboine, Manitoba Item [192-?].
BC-584-4 McDonnell's House at Fort Assiniboine N.W. Co. post No 2. (1793-1804). Item 192-?
BC-584-5 Down at the creek... Item 192-?
BC-584-9 The path to the river from N.W. Co. La Souris 1804-1821 Item [192-?].
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