Canadian Pacific Railway Company artifacts Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
CC-AR-00690 Napkin ring Item [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-AR-00694 Souvenir cup Item [not before 1930]
CC-AR-00697 Pin Item [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-AR-00699 Teaspoon Item [1900?]
CC-AR-00701 Canadian Pacific Steamships house flag Item [between 1920 and 1929?]
CC-AR-00713 Plate Item [between 1916 and 1930]
CC-AR-00735 Plate Item [not before 1960]
CC-AR-00736 Saucer Item [1949?]
CC-AR-00737 Saucer Item [1949?]
CC-AR-00738 Teacup Item [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-AR-00740 Butter dish Item [1929]
CC-AR-00746 Creamer Item [1929]
CC-AR-00755 Salad fork Item [not before 1930]
CC-AR-00769 Dessert spoon Item [not before 1930]
CC-AR-00781 Soup bowl Item [between 1957 and 1967?]
CC-AR-00784 Plate Item [not before 1960]
CC-PH-10715 [Steamship Empress of Asia] Item [ca. 1913]
CC-AR-00006 Bud vase, S.S. Montreal Item [1916?]
CC-AR-00008 Souvenir candlestick holders Item [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-AR-00012 Souvenir teaspoons Item [not before 1940]
CC-AR-00018 Wall plaques Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00022 Mace, parsley and allspice tins Item [not before 1940]
CC-AR-00025 Sugar bowl Item [not before 1930]
CC-AR-00026 Napkin ring Item [not before 1930]
CC-AR-00027 Souvenir mug Item [1961?]
CC-AR-00033 Souvenir bottle openers Item [between 1950 and 1969?]
CC-AR-00034 Souvenir bell Item [1961?]
CC-AR-00036 Souvenir bottle opener Item [1961?]
CC-AR-00041 Shot glasses Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00048 Crumb tray Item [not before 1930]
CC-AR-00055 Tea strainer Item [not before 1920]
CC-AR-00060 Coffee pot Item [not before 1920]
CC-AR-00062 Crumb tray Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00063 Sugar cup Item [between 1880 and 1889?]
CC-AR-00065 Goblet Item [not before 1920]
CC-AR-00067 Serving dish Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00078 Teapots Item [1929]
CC-AR-00079 Wine cooler Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00085 Mustard bowl Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00089 Creamer Item [between 1910 and 1919?]
CC-AR-00090 Creamer Item [not before 1920]
CC-AR-00091 Teapot Item [between 1910 and 1919?]
CC-AR-00092 Plate Item [between 1910 and 1919?]
CC-AR-00098 Coffee pot Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00106 Creamer Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00107 Serving dish with lid Item [not before 1920]
CC-AR-00109 Sugar bowl Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00113 Steamed milk pot Item [not before 1950]
CC-AR-00114 Serving dish Item [between 1900 and 1909?]
CC-AR-00119 Serving dish Item [not before 1940]
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