[Charles Gentile Early Britisch Columbia Photos] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1019_0006 Quesnelmouth, 47 miles below Barkerville Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0007 [Hoeva?] of Seaton Lake Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0009 [View of lumber mill] Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0010 Chasm on C. [Cariboo] Waggon Road Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0014 Cameron tower below Barkerville. Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0016 Pemberton Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0023 Mining on Williams Creek, below Barkerville Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0026 [View of people in front of building and garden site] Item [between 1860 and 1869?]
UL_1019_0027 Group of Lillooet Indians being addressed by Gov Seymour Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0030 The Cameron Claim, 1/2 mile below Barkerville Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0032 Barkerville in early days Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0038 [View of men on railroad trestle bridge] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0042 [View of railroad and tunnel] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0047 [View of river] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0048 [View of river] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0051 [View of river with dwelling above left bank] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0008 Steamer Lillooet at Yale Landing Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0012 Cariboo Waggon Road around China Bar Bluff Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0015 [View of buildings at lakeside] Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0017 Bonaparte River Indians Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0022 Quesnelle Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0024 [View of men with horses and cattle along riverbank] Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0033 The head of steamboat navigation on the Lillooet River Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0034 Mining ditch below Barkerville Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0036 Group of Fraser River Indians Item [1865]
UL_1019_0044 [View of Cisco truss bridge over the Fraser River, showing Cantilever Bar Tunnel] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0045 [View of river with roads alongside] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0046 [View of river with road or railroad along right bank] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0052 [View of men standing on railroad with tunnel] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0053 [View of log cabin on river canyon] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0003 Going to the [races?] at Ashcroft Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0004 Cariboo Waggon Road around China Bar Bluff Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0005 Way side [Wayside] House on the Pemberton Portage Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0025 Barkerville Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0029 Clinton Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0031 Roper's Ranch, Horse Shoe Lake Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0037 [View of men with handcar atop trestle bridge] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0039 [View of railroad along river canyon] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0050 [View of small town alongside riverbank] Item [not before 1883]
UL_1019_0001 Fort Yale B.C. Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0002 [Kugs'?] farm, Glenhart Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0011 Anderson Lake Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0013 Prince of Wales steamer on Tenas Lake Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0018 Stouts Gulch near Barkerville Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0019 The town of Yale Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0020 Ashcroft F[arm] Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0021 Barkerville, Cariboo Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0028 [View of road leading into small town] Item [between 1860 and 1869?]
UL_1019_0035 Soda Creek Landing Item [1865?]
UL_1019_0040 [Portrait of man standing on railroad in front of tunnel] Item [not before 1883]
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