Coast Book Files Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
11-9 Allison Harbour/Shushartie (Research) File
11-10 Mary McBee of Courtenay (Research) File
11-12 General coast info. (Research) File
31-14 (Legal size) Columbia Coast Mission, settlements & people. (Research) File
12-2 General coast info - incoming & outgoing correspondence. (Research) File
12-3 Columbia Coast Mission (Research) File
32-1 (Legal size) Salt Chuck - handwritten notes (Research) File
31-15 (Legal size) Lists of references (Research) File
12-5 General (Research) File
12-6 General coast info (Research) File
32-2 (Legal size) Mehtlakahtla (Research) File
12-10 Lighthouses (research) File
12-11 Correspondence with information about Allison Harbor, Bull Harbor, Merry Island, CCM (research) File
11-4 Working copies - Salt Chuck Country (manuscript) File
11-7 Working copies-Salt Chuck Salvation (manuscripts) File
31-13 (Legal size) Empress Hotel Christmas (research) File
11-11 From envelope "Copied For Book - letters from Greene's etc" (Research) File
31-14 Handwritten notes, CCM Christmas newsletter, chaplains's report (Research). File
11-13 Info on coastal settlements & Columbia Coast Mission File
11-15 General coast info - letters from Marjorie Greene (Research) File
11-1 Good copies of stories (Manuscripts) File
11-2 Finished ms. - 2nd sheets - 4 articles about the Columbia Coast Mission File
11-3 Articles about Victoria (Manuscripts) File
11-6 Working copies-Salt Chuck Salvation (manuscripts) File
11-8 Keats Island/Howe Sound (research) File
11-14 Union Steamship - Correspondence (research) File
11-16 General coast information (Research) File
11-18 Totem pole in C. R. (Research). File
11-20 Misc. (Research) File
12-4 Columbia Coast Mission (Research) File
12-9 Mehtlakahtla (Research) File
11-5 Working copies - Salt Chuck Salvation (manuscripts) File
11-17 Carmanah Lighthouse (Pierces) - (Research) File
11-19 Buttons (Keats Island) - (Research) File
12-1 Coast book references (research) File
12-7 CCM and Alan Greene (Research) File
12-8 CCM (Research) File