Construction of Big Bend Highway (West Leg) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1612_02_0002 F.W.A, Archive Irving (in car), J.F. Bourne, instrument Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0004 View from Highway M. 30.5 Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0011 G. Wohannsen with improvised drilling machine Item 02/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0013 Slide in First Canyon, Mile 4.5 Item 1936-05
UL_1612_02_0015 Bridge - Mile 12.7 Item 25/05/1936
UL_1612_02_0016 Mile 17.5 Item 25/05/1936
UL_1612_02_0018 G. Wohannsen with improvised drilling machine he made. Item 02/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0027 Men making gumbo slope - Mile 29.75 Item 04/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0032 Byers gas shovel and men sloping, North side of Keystone Ck., Mile 39.0 Item 24/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0034 Making Cut and Fill at Gumbo Section, Mile 39.4 Item 04/09/1936
UL_1612_02_0038 View looking South along Finished Road, Mile 41.5 Item 28/07/1936
UL_1612_02_0040 Same underconstruction to elminate "shoo-fly" bridge and to improve grade and alignment Item 29/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0048 Bridge Across Goldstream River, Mile 57.4 Item 30/05/1936
UL_1612_02_0051 Partially Cleared Right of Way Item 28/09/1936
UL_1612_02_0053 Byers Power Shovel at Mile 39.4, Tom Warner, operator, Hyball Johnson, Foreman (extreme right) Item 1936-08
UL_1612_02_0054 FWA (on left), Asst Engr, Group F DND, J.D. Black, foreman, Camp 3 Mile (N. of Revelstoke) Item 1934-11
UL_1612_02_0056 Group of Supervisory Personnel (in part), Camp 3 Mile, Big Bend, D.N.D. Item 1934-12
UL_1612_02_0062 D Men Lowe, Mile 8.5, Big Bend (W. Leg) Item 1935-01
UL_1612_02_0063 Old D.N.D. Office at 12 Mile Camp Item 1934-11
UL_1612_02_0066 Paddy Gillies (straw boss), 3 Mile Camp, DND-WER, Big Bend Item 1935-02
UL_1612_02_0068 Another View of Previous Item 1935-01
UL_1612_02_0073 Highway Bridge built by D.N.D.-W.E.R., Gr. H., Phillips Creek, West Coast Trail, Mile 5.5 Item 19/05/1936
UL_1612_02_0074 Mile 7.4 - West Coast Trail Item 19/05/1936
UL_1612_02_0078 [Moose] Item [1934 or 1935]
UL_1612_02_0001 Three Wise Goat Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0003 F.W.A. Headquarters, Camp 23 Mile Item 1936-07
UL_1612_02_0007 Holdich Creek Bridge Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0008 Carnes Creek and Highway Bridge Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0010 Jos Hammond and FWA on Tote Road, Mile 60 Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0014 Scoured about foundation - Bridge Mile 9.6 Item 08/07/1936
UL_1612_02_0023 Carnes Creek and Highway Bridge, M 24.3 Item 25/05/1936
UL_1612_02_0031 Looking North, Mile 36.2, after brushing - same location as previous Item 24/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0035 "Piling" to hold shoulder of Gumbo Fill, Mile 39.4 (same place as previous) Item 16/10/1936
UL_1612_02_0036 Gas Shovel using "gill-poke" to slope clay-sand bank near top of Downie Hill, Mile 41.1 Item 23/10/1936
UL_1612_02_0039 Red Rock Gulch before Reconstruction, Mile 43.2 Item 30/03/1936
UL_1612_02_0041 60-cat with backfill blade making fill on north side of Red Rock Gulch, Mile 43.2 Item 16/09/1936
UL_1612_02_0044 Close-up Skewing Toe Crib and Culvert Capping, Mile 44.98 Item 25/08/1936
UL_1612_02_0052 Crew at Camp 51 Mile Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0055 FWA and Jim Bartlett, First Aid, Camp 3 Mile Item [1934]
UL_1612_02_0058 Camp 3 Mile (North of Revelstoke), D.N.D., Unemployt Rehet Item 1935-01
UL_1612_02_0059 Views in First Canyon, Mile 3.7 to M 4.5, Big Bend, W.E.R.-D.N.D. Project Item 1935-02
UL_1612_02_0069 1934 "Plymouth", Grand Forks-Rossland Hwy. Item 1934
UL_1612_02_0075 Substructure of Bridge, 7.3 Item [1936]
UL_1612_02_0079 Buffalo Item [1934 or 1935]
UL_1612_02_0009 "Gulliver", James Graham, foreman, Camp 23 Mile Item 1936
UL_1612_02_0012 Slide in First Canyon, Mile 4 Item 1936-05
UL_1612_02_0026 Finished Approach to Holdich Ck. Bridge, Mile 25.3 (same locaility as previous view) Item 23/10/1936
UL_1612_02_0029 Reconstructed Bridge, Mile 29.9 (from upstream) Item 02/10/1936
UL_1612_02_0033 Looking South, Mile 38.65 Item 18/10/1936
UL_1612_02_0037 View looking South from top of Downie Hill, Columbia River on right, Mile 41.4 Item 26/07/1936
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