Development Office fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UBC President's Speeches series Series 1997-2002
Institutions subseries Subseries 1998-2000
Audiovisual series Series 2004-2005
External Affairs subseries Subseries 1997-1999
Correspondence series Series 1988-2003
Peter W. Ufford/David Strangway Documents subseries Subseries 1988-1996
Photographs series Series [1993-1997]
Outgoing subseries Subseries 2002-2003
Data Base subseries subseries Subseries 1985-1999
Subject Files subseries Subseries 1987-2000
Library Development series Series [1981-1992]
Organizational Planning, Development, and Operations series Series 1993-2001
Development Office subseries Subseries 1993-2001
Leadership Unit series Series 1970-2000
Initiatives, Campaigns, and Events subseries Subseries 1970-2000