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AUCE History

File contains materials relating to the formation of the Association of University and College Employees, including two issues of the AUCE Local 1 newsletter Across Campus, photocopies of articles, a report on the history of CUPE 2950 (AUCE successor), and an account of signing the first AUCE collective agreement, dated 1972 to 1999.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 5, April 1, 1974, urges members to vote for AUCE Local 1 (UBC) to represent library and clerical staff at UBC, and includes information on division meetings and stewards.

Across Campus Volume 2, Issue 8, June 4, 1974, describes a mass contract study session undertaken by 831 AUCE members, negotiations with UBC, a meeting notice, mediation strategies, powers of the executive, the grievance committee, provincial union representatives, notice of bylaw amendment, wage demands, AUCE members working at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), statement of income and expenses for September 24, 1973 to May 15, 1974, UBC wage proposals, the treasurer's report including proposed expenditures for furniture and office equipment, and office staffing and duties.

Other topics discussed include a comparision of employee rights and benefits from the 1970s to the 1990s, discussions about other unions (OTEU, CUPE), wages, organizing, membership, voting, contracts, negotiation, benefits, and the history of unions in Canada.

AUCE Sixth Annual Provincial Convention

File contains minutes and associated material of the June 1979 6th Annual Provincial Convention. The agenda includes rules of order, business arising from the 5th Annual Convention, the provincial executive report, local reports from Locals 1 to 6, a resolution to affiliate with the Canadian Labour Congress, constitutional amendments, the presentation of a National Union of Students policy paper entitled "Education - A System in Chaos" (March 1979), and emergency resolutions and amendments. Other topics discussed include maternity benefits and communications with the Provincial. File also includes a copy of the 5th Annual Convention minutes, and a voting card.

[British Columbia policy research and reports] (1 of 2)

File contains reports distributed by the Pacific Group for Policy Alternatives, dated January, February, and March 1984. Reports include "Is There a Social Policy in British Columbia? Who Has Been Hurt and Why?" by Angela Redish, Series 4-84-3, ISBN 0-88627-029-4 ; "The Ideology of Restraint" by Patricia Marchak, Series 3-84-01, ISBN 0-88627-025-1, February-March, 1984 ; "Revenue Sources for Maintaining Social Services in B.C." by Jonathan R. Kesselman, Paper No. P-84-1, January 1984 ; "The New Priorities of the Social Credit Government of British Columbia" by Gideon Rosenbluth and William Schworm, Paper No. P-84-3, February 1984.

[British Columbia policy research and reports] (2 of 2)

File contains reports distributed by the Pacific Group for Policy Alternatives, dated February and May 1984. Reports include "British Columbia's Budgets and the Need for Restraint" by Gideon Rosenbluth and William Schworm, Series 4-84-4, ISBN 0-88627-031-6, May 1984 ; "The Economic Impact of the British Columbia 'Restraint' Budget" by William Schworm, Series 4-84-5, ISBN 0-88627-027-8, May 1984 ; "Does British Columbia Need Fiscal Restraint?" by Gideon Rosenbluth and William Schworm, Series 1-84-1, ISBN 0-88627-021-9, February 1984 ; "Investment and Education in British Columbia: A Review of the Evidence in Restraint and Recovery" by Robert C. Allen, Paper No. P-84-4 ; Series 1-84 ; "The Ideology of Neo-Conservatism: Lessons for the Left" by Philip Resnick, Series 3-84-2, ISBN 0-88627-026-X, May 1984.

Communications Committee minutes

File contains Communications Committee meeting minutes dated May 5, 1975 to August 5, 1980. Topics discussed include nominations and elections, correspondence, newsletter contents and distribution, editorial policy, and recordkeeping.

File also contains a Communications Committee Information Sheet, correspondence, committee membership lists, and a 1976 synopsis of the December 1975 strike. File also contains notes of the Management Alternatives Committee dated April 2, 1980, and notes of the Affiliation Convention dated April 12, 1980.

Correspondence, incoming (2 of 3)

File contains incoming correspondence dated December 1978 to March 1979. Topics include support of causes and other unions, newsletters, arbitration, the Provincial Convention, the Consumer Price Index, educational courses, union staffing and membership, formation of an AUCE Travel Club, office equipment, pension plans, finances, the Essential Services Disputes Act, relations and negotiations with UBC, job descriptions, debates of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, steward seminars, and human rights.

General correspondence incoming and outgoing (1 of 3)

File contains 1985 incoming correspondence, and outgoing correspondence dated January 2, 1985 to December 31, 1985. Topics include Ritchie & Associates, contract negotiations and collective agreements, arbitration, support of other unions and causes, membership meetings, work-to-rule campaign, eviction protection legislation and payroll deductions during Expo '86, union representatives and representation, prosecution of religious discrimination and harassment, anti-semitism, Local 1 finances, seccession from AUCE, maternity benefits, job evaluations, by-law amendments, union dues, flex time, unjust employee dismissal, status of women, union buttons, research project, human rights abuses in Peru, status of union business office, flyers for various companies and products, New Democratic Party, abortion rights, report on the effects of restraint on the delivery of social services, elections and nominations.

General correspondence incoming and outgoing (3 of 3)

File contains incoming and outgoing correspondence dated October 16, 1984 to April 15, 1985. Topics include labour studies education and scholarships, advertisements for services and products, requests for financial assistance, union representatives and representation, cooperation and coordination with other unions, scabs, relations with UBC, calls for civic engagement (provincial election, teachers' salary, pacifism, financial restraint measures), affiliation with CUPE, international workers' and human rights, women's rights, Expo 86, workplace sexual harassment, Operation Solidarity, UBC financial cutbacks, and seniority of UBC staff.

[Local 1 Communications committee records]

File contains committee bulletins, ballots, and issues of the AUCE Local 1 newsletters "On Campus" dated February 1983 to May 1983, and "AUCE Expression" dated June 1983 to November 1983. Topics discussed in bulletins and ballots include special membership meetings, statements from and nominations of candidates for Union Organizer, action against provincial legislation, union solidarity, and the secession of Local 1 from AUCE Provincial.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 1, January/February 1983 includes contract information on how UBC should discuss dissatisfaction with employees, an article on workplace harassment, a book review of "Still Ain't Satisfied/Canadian Feminism Today" (The Women's Press, 1982), a light verse on caloric content, statements on workplace productivity, a forum on computer automation, Local 1's Ad Hoc Committee on Technological Change, inflation, International Women's Day, by-law amendments, and an agenda for February 24, 1983.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 2, March 1983 includes a notice for the AUCE Provincial Convention, a reprinted Canadian Labour article about union member wages, information on reclassification appeals, a letter of thanks, an open letter about leadership election criteria, a financial report, a call for volunteers for the Union Office, minutes of the January 20, 1983 membership meeting, and an agenda for March 24, 1983.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 3, April 1983 includes includes a letter of thanks, a reprinted Vancouver Sun article about the status of women in Canada, a call for opinion pieces on secession from AUCE, a warning about the potential hazards of video display terminals, two reprinted Vancouver Sun articles about video display terminals, the proposed 1983 budget, a notice of motions, a Local 1 news brief, minutes of the March 24, 1983 membership meeting, a recommendation for dues increase, notice of a film screening, notice of the April 21, 1983 special membership meeting on technological change.

On Campus Volume 2, Number 4, May 1983 includes the results of the Union Organizer election, responses to dues increase, responses to the proposed budget, an open letter regarding secession from AUCE, solicitation for critique of On Campus, resignation of Local 1's President, recommendation for dues increase, the proposed 1983 budget, a reprint of 1982 financial information, a notice of executive motions, a Local 1 news brief, an article summarizing daily union office duties, a notice of Local 1's application for certification as an independent union, reprinted Worklife articles about automation and video display terminals, minutes from the April 21, 1983 membership meeting, and an agenda for May 19, 1983.

AUCE Expression [June 1983] includes open letters from Local 1 members on the following topics: the proposed budget, a retraction, dues increase, motion for by-law amendments, thanks to the abdicating Union Coordinator, the labour pioneer Sarah Bagley, the Joint Union-Administration VDT Committee, striking public service workers of Alberta, secession from AUCE Provincial, and duties of a Library Assistant in the Fine Arts Library. Newsletter also contains an opinion ballot for contract negotiations, by-law amendments as regarding the Ombuds Committee, and an agenda for June 30, 1983.

AUCE Expression, August 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: critique of the June 1983 newsletter, Operation Solidarity against provincial legislation, support of Tranquille Institution workers, reprinted articles on automation, Library layoffs, secession from AUCE Provincial, solicitation for donations for food banks and promotion of human rights in Peru, solicitation of endorsement from the Concerned Citizens for Choice on Abortion, labour pioneer Rose Schneiderman, and a letter of thanks. Newsletter also contains minutes for the July 28, 1983 membership meeting, reports on Operation Solidarity and affects of provincial legislation, a Local 1 news brief, notices of motion of Local 1 resolutions of opposition to provincial legislation, and an agenda for August 18, 1983.

AUCE Expression, October 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: opposition to provincial legislation and reports on Operation Solidarity, a grievance report, merger discussion with OTEU, contributing to general membership meetings, union dues, and solicitation of endorsement for the Vancouver Women's Health Collective. Newsletter also contains minutes for the September 15, 1983 membership meeting, reprinted Provincial articles about job stress and relations with the provincial government, a Local 1 news brief, a union office report, and an agenda for October 20, 1983.

AUCE Expression, November 1983 includes open letters on the following topics: a letter of thanks, complaints about a membership meeting speech, opposition to provincial legislation, union office working conditions and harassment, staff shortage, secession from AUCE Provincial, and strikebreakers. Newsletter also contains "A Declaration of Rights of the People of British Columbia", a reprinted Vancouver Sun article on video display terminals, a reprinted Ubyssey article about strikebreakers, solicitation for membership information, a Local 1 news brief, minutes of the October 20, 1983 membership meeting, minutes of the October 31, 1983 special membership meeting, notices of by-law amendments, and an agenda for December 1, 1983.