Immigration and Settlement Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
CC-PH-02058 [Horse racing event] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02061 [Horse racing event] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02063 Niagara Falls Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02064 [A bridge under construction across Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02069 [A river probably close to Niagara Falls] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02070 [Two horses pulling a plough] Item [1900?]
CC-PH-02076 The Statue of Liberty Item [1900?]
CC-TX-100-4-1 White Canada Crusade [letterhead] Item [not before 1920]
CC-TX-100-4-4 White Canada Crusade membership card Item [not before 1900]
CC-TX-100-7-10 [Letter to the editor] Item [not before 1900]
CC-TX-100-8-8 [Letter to H. A. Urquhart from an interpreter regarding licence fees] Item 1933-03-27
CC-TX-100-8-9 [Letter regarding peddlers' licences] Item [not before 1930]
CC-TX-100-9-3 [License Department city of Vancouver notice] Item 1934-11-09
CC-TX-100-9-6 [Letter from Quene Yip] Item [not before 1930]
CC-TX-100-9-7 [Registration notice] Item 1934-03-28
CC-TX-100-11-3 [Contract between Wong Guey Hong and Lee Joe] Item 1934-08-31
CC-TX-100-11-4 [Envelope with name Feng, Ying Kui] Item [not before 1900]
CC-TX-100-12-2 [Head tax certificate for Jew Chew Gee] Item 1918-08-14
CC-TX-100-13-1 [To the editor, the New Westminster News] Item [1907-12-15]
CC-TX-100-14-7 Lim' hearing strikes snag Item [1927-10-21]
CC-TX-100-15-1 [Postcard printed with] "Learn to be a Chinese Laundryman by Mail" Item 1908-01-28
CC-TX-100-16-3 [Letter to Quene Yip from Thomas Kan] Item 1936-11-18
CC-TX-100-16-5 [Letter from Mayor G. G. McGreer] Item 1936-06-25
CC-TX-100-17-1 Chinatown 1886 from old photo [drawing] Item [1936?]
CC-TX-100-28-1 The righteous governor [program] Item [between 1930 and 1939?]
CC-TX-100-30-1 Informal reception [program] Item 1924-11-24
CC-TX-100-31-1 Victoria Chinese Public School 40th anniversary celebration and grand reunion [program] Item 1947
CC-TX-100-33-1 [Booklet of the 1964 annual of the Chinese Public School in Victoria] Item 1964
CC-TX-100-34-1 Application for registration and licence for a motor-vehicle other than a motor-cycle Item 1921-04-04
CC-TX-100-35-1 [Chinese gift note] Item [not before 1900]
CC-TX-100-36-2 [Receipt issued to Anglo American Canning Co. from Lie Jan] Item 1900-07-29
CC-TX-100-36-10 [Telegram from Huataico to Yellun] Item 1950-01-03
CC-TX-100-38-1 [Price list for Yee Lun Ark Kee Limited] Item 1950
CC-TX-100-41-1 Incorporation of Chinese Nationalist League of Canada [booklet] Item 1929-11-22
CC-TX-100-42-1 [Letter from Kuo Min Tang's executive board to Leung Shui Yee] Item 1944
CC-TX-100-42-3 [Letter from Yip Gim to Kuo Min Tang] Item 1929
CC-TX-100-43-2 [Booklet regarding government regulation of Chinese immigration] Item 1876-05-09
CC-TX-100-43-8 Chinese Regulation Act, 1884 Item 1886-02-03
CC-TX-100-43-9 An Act to prevent Chinese from acquiring Crown Lands Item 1884-02-18
CC-TX-100-43-12 Capitation tax on Chinese Item 1897-04-20
CC-TX-100-43-18 Chinese, Japanese and Indian populations of B.C. Item 1902
CC-TX-100-44-1 [2 letters from W. H. Johnson to Yip Mow] Item 1917-05-22
CC-TX-100-45-1 [New Westminster Chinese Patriotic Society record of fundraising] Item 1927
CC-TX-101-1-2 The B.C. Packers Association Chinese Contract Item 1914-07-12
CC-TX-101-1-6 The B.C. Packers Association Chinese Contract Item 1922-01-25
CC-TX-101-1-10 A.B.C. Packing Co. Ld. Chinese Contract Item 1937-05-28
CC-TX-101-4-5 [Ying Chong Lung Co. delivery forms] Item 1930-03-03
CC-TX-101-5-1 [British Columbia Placer Mining Act, 1891 re-record of a placer claim] Item 1937-05-04
CC-TX-101-18 New Summits College documents File 1983
CC-TX-101-22 Canadian Pacific Railway: Pon Git Cheng photocopy File 1991
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