[British Columbia Postcards] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1633_0004 Lake O'Hara, Canadian Rockies Item 1927
UL_1633_0011 CPR Depot, New Westminster, B.C. Item [between 1905 and 1915?]
UL_1633_0018 Nanaimo from the harbor, str. "Joan" starting on her daily run Item 1909
UL_1633_0019 Bank, telegraph and ticket offices, Vancouver, B.C. Item [1909]
UL_1633_0025 General hospital, Chemanius, B.C. Item [1907]
UL_1633_0027 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt, B.C. Item [between 1920 and 1930?]
UL_1633_0035 Snug Cove, Bowen Island, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1633_0036 The Lions Item [1919]
UL_1633_0037 Hotel Vancouver Item 1927
UL_1633_0044 Scene along Ellensburg Cle Elum Highway Item [not after 1938]
UL_1633_0050 Empress Hotel and C.P.R. Steamers, Victoria, B.C. Item [between 1908 and 1913?]
UL_1633_0051 Great Cedar in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. Item [1916]
UL_1633_0052 Lumber mill, Chemainus, B.C. Item [1907 or 1908]
UL_1633_0058 Castor, Alta, 1909 Item 1909
UL_1633_0060 Granville Street, North Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1905 and 1910]
UL_1633_0059 Victoria Glacier Item [between 1910 and 1930?]
UL_1633_0026 [Two sailing ships in harbour] Item [not after 1920]
UL_1633_0010 [View of New Westminster] Item [between 1890 and 1915?]
UL_1633_0005 Capilano River and Lions Item 1927
UL_1633_0006 Capilano Canyon Item 1927
UL_1633_0021 Granville Street, Vancouver, Canada Item [between 1940 and 1950?]
UL_1633_0028 Genoa Bay and mill, V.I. Item [between 1911 and 1916?]
UL_1633_0038 Logging trains, V.L.M. Co., Chemainus Item 1907
UL_1633_0039 Capilano River, Vancouver, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1633_0045 Kicking Horse Canyon, B.C. Item [between 1945 and 1950?]
UL_1633_0046 View of Vancouver from roof garden of Hotel Vancouver Item [between 1925 and 1935?]
UL_1633_0047 English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1920?]
UL_1633_0053 [Sawmill at Duncan, B.C.] Item [between 1911 and 1916?]
UL_1633_0054 S.S. Princess Marguerite - 1949 Item 1949
UL_1633_0061 Vancouver, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1633_0062 Sunset, English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1633_0068 Corner of Hastings & Granville Streets, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1920?]
UL_1633_0069 Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, B.C. Item [not after 1910]
UL_1633_0070 [May Queen celebration] Item [1912]
UL_1633_0076 Canyon View Hotel, Capilano North, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1920?]
UL_1633_0077 Peace River Crossing Item [not after 1912]
UL_1633_0022 Vancouver Street, Victoria, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1920?]
UL_1633_0020 [Entrance to the Commercial Hotel] Item [between 1900 and 1910?]
UL_1633_0029 [Canadian Railway Employees Association airplane] Item [not after 1922]
UL_1633_0012 [Two sailing ships at dock] Item [between 1880 and 1910?]
UL_1633_0049 The Georgia Hotel, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1920?]
UL_1633_0023 Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada Item [between 1900 and 1940?]
UL_1633_0078 [Gold panning] Item [not after 1935]
UL_1633_0024 [Lumber mill] Item [not after 1914]
UL_1633_0001 Sunset, English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1633_0007 Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, B.C. Item 1927
UL_1633_0008 Canadian Rockies Item 1927
UL_1633_0013 Wigwam Inn, landing stage, Indian River Park, Vancouver, B.C. Item [between 1910 and 1925?]
UL_1633_0014 B.C.E.R.Y., Milner Station Item [not before 1910]
UL_1633_0030 Banff, Mt. Rundle from Vermillion Lakes Item [not after 1934]
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