Charles van Sandwyk fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Exhibition poster, signed Item 1985
Exhibition notes Item 1985
1-03 Rara Avis: signed poster and original artwork File 1987
Press proof with colour treatment and etching, signed Item 1992
1-13 Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds: signed posters File 1995
Exhibition poster, signed Item 1997
Invitation press proof, signed Item 2002
1-18 Heavenly Monkey Press: signed books File 2003
Drawings by Charles van Sandwyk Done for Heavenly Monkey Annuals 2001- 2003 Item 2003
1-22 Impressions of Vancouver: signed poster Item 2007
Press proof, signed Item 2008
Book cover press proof, signed Item 2009
2-01 Canadian Content: signed press proof Item 2009
Brochure proof, signed Item 2009
2-03 The Philosopher's Cupboard: signed press proofs File 2009
2-05 Artemis exhibition: signed poster Item 2011
Program Item 2011
02-10 Alice and the Dodo, watercolour Item 2016
[High Branch Society welcome card] Item 2016
[Christmas letter to High Branch Society members] Item 2016
[Christmas card featuring image of mouse with antlers] Item 2017
[Christmas card featuring image of mouse with wine and cheese] Item 2017
[Pamphlet depicting artist's travel path] Item 2017
[High Branch Society letter] Item 2017
03-09 [Reviews of How to See Fairies and Other Tales] File 2018
01 [Deep Cove banner - racoons canoeing] Item 2013
Photographs of Charles at 18 Item [1984]
Etching, signed Item ca. 1984
Exhibition poster, signed Item 1987
1-09 Glimpses of Paradise: signed poster Item 1991
1-11 Parade to Paradise: original artwork and press proof with etching File 1992
1-16 The Gnome King's Treasure Song: signed poster and press proof File 2000
Press proof, signed Item 2000
1-19 Mr. Rabbit's Christmas Wish: signed press proofs File 2004
1-20 Wind in the Willows: signed press proof and poster File 2005
Exhibition poster, signed Item 2005
1-07 Parrots of the Cannibal Island: prospectus Item [1990]
1-04 A Selection of Neighbourly Birds: prospectus Item [1987]
1-25 Afterglow: signed press proof Item 2008
1-27 The Realm of Fantasy: signed poster Item 2009
2-06 Quality Time: program and signed poster File 2011
Poster, signed Item 2011
2-08 Tavewa Island map, signed Item 2012
03-03 X-mas 2016 - High Branch Society mail out File 2016
[Christmas card featuring image of fairy] Item 2017
[Christmas card featuring image of mouse holding Chinese lantern] Item 2017
03-06 [Pamphlet containing biography and artist statement of Charles van Sandwyk] Item [After 1995]
03-07 Wee mouse etching Item 2015
AR-03 Sea to Sky - All British Rally medallion Item 2015
02 [Deep Cove banner - burgundy 01] Item 2013
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