Dave Barrett fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2-1 appointment book File 1977
2-3 appointment book File 1979
3-1 appointment book File 1981
4-3 newspaper clippings File 1976, 1984-85, 1987 , 1994
37-6 Business and Personal Records File
38-1 Contracts: CBC Morningside: Journal: EK. File
38-6 Business records File 1984-1985
38-8 Day Planner September 1985-August 1986. File 1985-1986
41-1 Correspondence, 1980s. File 1980
43-8 Miscellaneous records of personal activities. File
Manuscript. Series 1970, 1972-75, 1979, 1981-84, 1988, 1995-1998 .
4-6 Journals for the Legislative Assembly of B C File 1972-75
5-(3-6) Rough draft of book with some duplicate chapters. File n.d.
6-(2-4) Rough draft of book chapters 1-14. File n.d.
Photographs Series 1963, 1966, 1972, 1974, 1979, 1984-86
BC-1964/50 Contact sheet of photographs taken before the election. File 1972
BC-1964/52 Eileen Dailly File n.d.
BC-1964/56 Dave Barrett, Eileen Dailly, and Dennis Cocke in th e NDP Caucus Room, Victoria File 1969
BC-1964/59 Dave Barrett File n.d.
BC-1964/61 Dave Barrett File n.d.
BC 1964/66 Dave Barrett and unidentified in Creston Item 1973
BC-1964/63 Dave Barrett Item n. d.
BC-1964/64 Dave Barrett Item [1972]
BC1964/69 Dave Barrett on CHBC Item n.d.
BC-1964/75 Auditorium of children Item n. d.
BC-1964/77 Dave Barrett fishing Item n. d.
BC-1964/89 Dave Barrett and Graham Lee Item n. d.
BC-1964/92 Dave Barrett signing autographs Item n. d.
BC-1964/99 Dave Barrett and Mayor Peter Lester of Prince Rupert Item n. d.
BC-1964/107 Dave Barrett and Queen Charlotte Islands Chief playing basketball Item n.d.
BC-1964/113 Dave Barrett and unidentified Item n.d.
BC-1964/123 Festival on the first run of the restored Royal Hudson Item 1974
BC-1964/124 The first run of the restored Royal Hudson Item 1974
BC-1964/132 Dave Barrett proof #1 Item [1973]
BC-1964/141 Dave Barrett proof #10 Item [1973]
BC-1964/144 Dave Barrett Item [1975]
BC-1964/149 Dave Barrett Item [1975]
BC-1964/153 Dave Barrett and unidentified at CJOR Item n.d.
BC-1964/157 Dave Barrett and unidentified at CJOR Item 1985
BC-1964/161 Dave and Shirley Barrett standing at a podium at Harvard University Item 1988
BC-1964/164 Pan Pacific Item 1984
BC-1964/10 Dave Barrett, Dennis Timmis (CEO of MacMilla n Bloedel), and Jack Munro (of the IWA) at the Great Wall of China. Item 1974
BC-1964/13 Dave Barrett Item [1973]
BC-1964/14 Dave Barrett Item [1973]
BC-1964/17 Dave Barrett Item [1973]
BC-1964/22 Dave Barrett and Washington State Governor Dan Egon. Item [1973]
BC-1964/25 Dave Barrett, Ray Eddie, Alex MacDonald, Ernest Hall , Bob Williams, DR. Ray Parkinson, Tom Berger, Dave Stupich, Fred Vulumay, Frank Calder, Leo Nimsick, Bill Hartley, Eileen Dailly, Bob Strachan, Randolf Harding Item 1967
BC-1964/28 Frank Calder Item 1963
BC-1964/31 Jim Lorrimer Item [1973 ]
BC-1964/34 Robert M. Strachan Item 1966
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