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[Commission of David Cameron]

Document commissioning David Cameron to the position of Chief-Justice in the Colony of Vancouver's Island by command of James Douglas, Governor, and written by Philip Hawkin, Colonial Secretary. The document is handwritten, with the seal of t...

Vancouver Island (Colony)

Shipping contract

Document outlines details of the contract between Lee Ying and Tung Fat. The contract covers details about the pricing and condition of rice being shipped to Victoria. On the top left hand corner of the document are some Chinese characters with th...

Lee, Ying

[Allan Liner Parisian]

Inscribed : Allan liner Parisian. 5,359 grt, March 1881 Robert Napier & sons, Glasgow. Rebuilt 1899 Workman Clark, Belfast, 1 funnel, pole masts. Sold January 1914 to Italian Shipbreakers. Photo as built World Ship Society.


[S.S. Milwaukee]

Inscribed : S.S. MILWAUKEE. 7,325 gross tons. Completed January 1897 C.S.Swan & Hunter Ltd, Newcastle, for Elder Dempster Lines. Sold to Canadian Pacific Railway Co. same name, Torpedoed, sunk German U-boat, Aug. 31. 1918, 200 miles S.W. Fastn...



Inscribed : MONTROYAL, April 16, 1924 - sold June 17, 1930 Stavanger Shipbreaking Co. Stavanger, ex. EMPRESS OF BRITAIN, built 1905 Fairfield SB&E. Co. Ltd, Glasgow. Fielden, Clarkson.


[Empress of Ireland]

Inscribed : EMPRESS OF IRELAND, 14,191 grt. June 1906 Fairfield S.B. & E. Co. Ltd. Glasgow. Sunk collision Norwegian S.S. Storstad, St. Lawrence, May 30, 1914, with loss of 1,024 lives. A. Duncan.



Inscribed : Nov. 6, 1920-sold May 4, 1928, ex. Konig Friedrich August, Hapad, 1906 Blohm & Voss. Hamburg -1919. Alesia, Cyprien Fabre & Cp. Marseilles, arrived Genoa, Nov. 3, 1933, for demolition. Fielding Collection. J. Clarkson.


[Empress of India]

Inscribed : EMPRESS OF INDIA (2), 17,282 grt. 1907 Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm, by J.G. Tecklenborg, for NorddeutscherLloyd. Reparations. Bought May 13, 1921. Empress of China, Aug. 2, 1921 r/n EMPRESS OF INDIA, Oct. 12, 1921. Fielding Collection. Joh...



Inscribed : MONTNAIRN, July 2, 1925-sold Dec. 23, 1929, Soc. Anon Co-operative Legure Demolitori, Genoa, for demolition. Ex. Montieth, ex. Montlaurier, ex. Empress of India, ex. Empress of China, ex. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm. A. Duncan.


[Duchess of Atholl]

Inscribed : DUCHESS OF ATHOLL. 20,119 grt. July 1928 Wm. Beardmore & Co. Ltd., Dalmuir, Sun U-178, Ibbeken, October 10, 1942, 07.03S.11.12W, 200 miles east of Ascenscion Island. John Clarkson.


[Duchess of York]

Inscribed : DUCHESS OF YORK, 20,021 grt. March 1929 John Brown & Co. Ltd. Glasgow. Bombed German aircraft July 11, 1943, off coast of Morocco, set on fire, 11 lives lost. Sank next day. A. Duncan.


[S.S. Beaverburn]

Inscribed : S.S. BEAVERBURN (1) 9,874 grt. Dec. 1927 Wm. Denny & Bros. Ltd., Dumbarton. Torpedoed, sun, U-41, KL. Mugler. Feb. 5 1940, OA.84 49,20N,07W.U-41, sunk by escorts, same day. Photo: Real Photographs.



Inscribed : BEAVERDALE, 9,957 grt. February 1928 Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Ltd. Newcastle. Torpedoed sunk U-48, Schultze, April 2, 1941, 60.50 N, 29.17W. World Ship Society.


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