Maurice Hodgson fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Belcher Research and Work Series 1971-1996
1-05 Research Notes on Belcher MS File
1-07 Research Notes on Belcher MS File
1-09 Information and correspondence from Royal Geographic Society re: Belcher File
1-12 Copy of Belcher’s journal on the Aetna File [1832]
1-14 Society for the History of Discoveries Membership Information File
1-19 Draft of Belcher MS File
2-04 Belcher MS notes File
2-09 Notes on Belcher Collection at UBC File
2-13 Correspondence re: publication of Belcher MS by Hakluyt Society File 1989
2-16 List of Drawings of F.W. and R.B. Beechey at National Library of Australia File 1988
2-18 Belcher Research Notes on UBC collection File
2-21 Copy of Belcher Journal- Miscellaneous Pages File
3-03 Andrew Belcher Research File
3-11 Belcher Research File
3-14 Transcription Draft of Belcher’s Defense in the Court of Inquiry File
3-16 Belcher Research File
4-06 Copy of Correspondence of Captain J. Beaufort File
4-09 Letter to Sir Robert Peel from Sir Charles Napier File
4-16 Copies of Correspondence on the HMS Myrmidon File 1977
5-06 Copy of Correspondence from Belcher to Beaufort on the Sulpher File
5-09 Copy of Correspondence from Beechey to Beaufort File
5-10 Copy of Correspondence from Beaufort to Belcher File
6-01 Belcher Research Notes File
6-04 Belcher Research File
6-13 Belcher Research Notes File
7-05 Copy of Belcher’s Court Case File
7-08 Copy of Belcher Court Case and Notes File
7-11 Research Correspondence on Belcher Family in Nova Scotia File
7-14 Belcher Research Notes File
7-23 Belcher Correspondence - copy from original File
8-10 Belcher Research Correspondence File 1974-1978
8-12 Belcher Research- Correspondence to Beaufort- copy from original File
9-03 “Ben Thomas- Confessions from an Old First Lieutenant of the Last Century.” File
9-07 Belcher to Beaufort aboard the Samarang - copy from original File [1845]
11-03-01 Belcher Research Item 1976
11-03-03 Belcher Research Item 1976
11-05-02 Belcher’s Tools Item
11-11 Simpkinson's Journal Item
11-14 Wolfe Journal on the Blossom Item
11-19 Unidentified Microfilm Item
5-03 Research Maps File
6-16 Copy of McClintock’s Arctic Journal File
7-02 Research on Kellet File
8-05 “Franklin Probe- Ross’ Ship Victory- Series 2” File 1974
8-07 “Franklin Probe- Into Background of Possible Locations" File 1974
10-02 Squire of Kootenay West Research- Photos 1-50 File
12-02 Interviews for Herridge -"Al King #2" Item
12-07 Interviews for Herridge-"Richard Deare" Item
12-11 Interviews for Herridge- "Pearkes" Item
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