[Postcards and photographs from around the world - part 1] Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UL_1626_01_0007 Evening. Loch Arklet Item [not after 1930]
UL_1626_01_0011 I Tank I Go Home Item [between 1920-1940]
UL_1626_01_0015 Can I play in your Yard? Item 1909
UL_1626_01_0018 Happy Is The Wooing - That's Not Long In Doing Item [not after 1930]
UL_1626_01_0019 It Isn't My Face Kid, It's My Shape Item [not after 1920]
UL_1626_01_0026 Goodbye Item 1911
UL_1626_01_0036 Honest, I Haven't Got the Nerve Item 1909
UL_1626_01_0917_01 Namur - Pont de Jambes et Citadelle. Item [not before 1913]
UL_1626_01_0917_02 Namur - La Gare. Item [not before 1913]
UL_1626_01_0039 Playful Puppies Item [not after 1920]
UL_1626_01_0043 "Say Why Don't You Get A Haircut.", "Aw, Go Get Your Face Ironed Out" Item [not after 1920]
UL_1626_01_0089 Moore St., Sydney Item [not after 1930?]
UL_1626_01_0090 Manly, North Harbour. No 2. Item [not after 1930?]
UL_1626_01_0104 What I've Seen of the Girls Makes Me Want to See More. At Bournemouth Item [not after 1912-07-04]
UL_1626_01_0111 Frontispiece from "What Will People Say" Item [not after 1914-04-20]
UL_1626_01_0112 Peace Item [not after 1910]
UL_1626_01_0118 Royal Poodle Item [not after 1970?]
UL_1626_01_0123 Front Street, 1911 Item 1911
UL_1626_01_0124 Corner of Front and Carson Item [not after 1970?]
UL_1626_01_0130 Date Unknown Item [not after 1929]
UL_1626_01_0131 Steampumper #1 at Vancouver Fire Department Item [not before 1886-06-13]
UL_1626_01_0132 New Westminster, B.C. Item 1899-01
UL_1626_01_0140 Fraser River Ferry System Item [not before 1907]
UL_1626_01_0142 Big Tree, Vancouver Item [not after 1939]
UL_1626_01_0154 P and O India-China-Australia Mail and Passenger Services : S.S. Moldavia Item [between 1922 and 1938]
UL_1626_01_0163 Pa Vakt: Jaktflygare Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0166 Pa Vakt: Samverkan mellan pansartrupp och flyg. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0179 Boeing Stratoliner Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0185 Not Every Day's Catch! Item [not after 1920]
UL_1626_01_0195 Busy Harvesting Days Item [not after 1910]
UL_1626_01_0198 Our Barn Is Full Item [not after 1920]
UL_1626_01_0221 Stockholm. Konserthuset. Item [not after 1928-06-16]
UL_1626_01_0222 Filipstad. Item [not after 1909-08-18]
UL_1626_01_0223 Filipstad, Stadshotellet. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0227 Gullspang. (Utsikt fran Kronkvarnsberget) Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0232 Stockholm. Hamngatan Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0234 Skogafoss Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0249 Orebro, Kyrkan o Postkontoret. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0251 Thorslund Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0253 Goteborg, Liseberg Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0254 Goteborg, Slussen Item [not before 1873]
UL_1626_01_0255 Goteborg, hamn. Item [not after 1950]
UL_1626_01_0276 Kalmar Slott. Erik XIV:s gemak. Item [not after 1947-06-23]
UL_1626_01_0285 Goteborg. Liseborg. Konserthallen i illumination. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0286 Badrestaurangen. Borgholm. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0288 123. Norge. Ved Bergsjo Hoyfjellshotell mot Hallingskarvet. Item [not after 1957-09-08]
UL_1626_01_0289 Kalmar Slott. Interior av Slottskyrkan. Item [not after 1947-06-23]
UL_1626_01_0329 Loch Katrine and Ben Venue, Trossachs. Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0330 Loch Vennachar, Callender Item [not after 1970]
UL_1626_01_0339 Buttermere and the Haystacks Item [not after 1970]
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