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Chung artifacts--Material type--Liquid--Po sum on oil 1
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal 18
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Brass 19
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Bronze 3
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Copper 2
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Pewter 2
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Silver 169
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Steel 11
Chung artifacts--Material type--Metal--Tin 1
Chung artifacts--Material type--Paint 0
Chung artifacts--Material type--Paper 17
Chung artifacts--Material type--Paper--Rice paper 0
Chung artifacts--Material type--Peppermint 0
Chung artifacts--Material type--Pills 7
Chung artifacts--Material type--Plastic 8
Chung artifacts--Material type--Po Sum On oil 0
Chung artifacts--Material type--Rubber 1
Chung artifacts--Material type--Stone 1
Chung artifacts--Material type--String 8
Chung artifacts--Material type--Tape 1
Chung artifacts--Material type--Wax 6
Chung artifacts--Material type--Wood 5
Chung artifacts--Material type--Wood--Bamboo 1
Cities & Towns 613
City of Glass

Use for: City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver

  • City of Glass: Douglas Coupland's Vancouver, is a book by Canadian author Douglas Coupland full of short essays and photographs on different aspects of Vancouver, BC. Published in 2000.
Claims 17

Use for: Clothing design

  • Term used for any fashion design projects or materials about clothing produced by Douglas Coupland
Coastlines 293
Collage 7
Collective labor agreements 16
Columbia River Treaty 1
Commission on Family and Children's Law 1
  • Individuals (eg. journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers)
  • Communication media (eg. newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio, television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet)
  • Communication businesses, cooperatives, organizations (eg. advertising, printing, publishing, photofinishing)
  • Symbols, logos, flags
  • Professional organizations
Communist Party of Canada 1
Community Legal Assistance Society 1
Community Living 1
Community life
  • Communities can exist in municipalities, towns and villages, neighbourhoods, religious and cultural groups, camps, schools, etc.
  • Community activities and events
  • Groups working for the development and/or maintenance of events, services and facilities for the community, community spirit, and community promotion
  • Community support and charitable organizations
  • Community booster and event promotion agencies
  • Fraternal organizations
  • See also: Family and personal life, Events and celebrations
Conference materials 21
Conference papers and proceedings 6
Constitutions 20
Construction 100
Construction 1
Contemporary Art Gallery

Use for: CAG, Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver CAG

Coquitlam (Ship) 3

Use for: Letters, Cards

  • Tag used for material relating to the personal and professional correspondence of Douglas Coupland.
Corwin (Ship) 1
Couplandisms 1
Cultural groups
  • Individuals / groups working towards preservation of a particular cultural group or cultural community
  • Activities / events promoting life / values of cultural group/s
  • Movements, initiatives, legislation etc. that promotes the existence and participation of diverse ethnic, racial, religious or social groups within the larger community
Cultural groups--Chilean 1
Cultural groups--Chinese 12
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