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Cultural groups--Finnish 2
Cultural groups--German 2
Cultural groups--Icelandic 1
Cultural groups--Irish 1
Cultural groups--Japanese 24
Cultural groups--Jewish 1
Cultural groups--Korean 1
Cultural groups--Russian 3
Cultural groups--Scottish 1
Cultural groups--South Asian 3
Cultural groups--Swedish 5
Cultural groups--Vietnamese 1
Daphne (Ship) 1
Debt 4
Digital Orca

Use for: Digi Orca, Lego Orca, Pixel Whale, Harbour Spirit

  • Douglas Coupland's first Vancouver public art piece, installed in 2010 in the Jack Poole Plaza outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver Harbour. Consists of a 30+ foot representation of a killer whale, rendered in a series of black and white cubes (approximating a 3D equivalent of pixellation) made of powder coated steel
Douglas Coupland (104)

Use for: Coupland, Doug Coupland

  • Used for all tags related to Douglas Coupland as a subject
Douglas Coupland: Close Personal Friend 1
Dramatic projects (Coupland) (7)

Use for: Coupland plays, Coupland TV

  • Tag used for all dramatic projects that Douglas Coupland has been associated with, including television shows and scripts, plays, and other materials. Includes both works and projects by Coupland, and those created by others about him or his work.
Dwellings 570
  • Activities / structures relating to educational activities
  • Individual teachers / educators
  • Students, all ages
  • Public and private schools / agencies offering training or education
  • Vocational training and continuing education
  • Regulatory and support organizations
  • Professional organizations
Eleanor Rigby
  • 2004 novel by Douglas Coupland
Electric Canadian Landscapes
  • Series of cubist landscape paintings by Douglas Coupland, drawn from work previously created by the Group of Seven Canadian painters
Emily Carr (artist)
  • This term relates to artwork on the subject of Emily Carr (the person/artist) created by Douglas Coupland, such as for the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2010.
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

Use for: Emily Carr (school)

Employees--Dismissal of 14
  • Environmental issues (eg. air quality, pollution, habitat destruction, endangered species, recycling)
  • Nature, wilderness, scenery
  • Climate, weather
  • Individuals, organizations, businesses
  • Parks, natural areas, wildlife management
  • Habitat and species protection / recovery
  • Conservation movement / activities
  • Tag used for ephemeral material in the Douglas Coupland fonds, including various pieces of collected records of daily life, like ticket stubs, boarding passes and handwritten notes.

Use for: Coupland essays

  • Used for essays and some articles written by Douglas Coupland.

Use for: Invitations

  • Tag used for material relating to events that Coupland was either featured at, invited to, or attended.
Events and celebrations
  • Specific cultural, arts, political, sports, holiday and community events; also personal events
  • Organizations, public agencies and businesses dedicated to planning for event/s
  • Centennials, parades, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts
  • Ceremonies (openings, graduations, sod-turnings, etc.)
  • Parties (community, birthday, anniversary, etc)
  • Royal visits, campaigns
  • Weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.
  • Protests and demonstrations
  • Tag used to group together the public art exhibitions in which Douglas Coupland has participated.
Exploration, discovery and travel
  • Personal, geographical, scientific, mapping, other
  • Expeditions, exploration, adventure, prospecting, guiding,
  • Individuals and groups (eg. explorers, adventurers, prospectors, guides, outfitters)
  • Expedition planning / reports and accounts
  • Personal travels for discovery and education (eg. travel diaries)
  • Early contact with First Nations
  • See also: Land, settlement and immigration
Extinction Event
  • Science fiction television series written by Coupland ca. 2006, with producers "Elizabeth Yake from True West Films, Henrik Meyer and Chris Nanos."
Extraordinary Canadians: Marshall McLuhan
  • 2010 book written by Douglas Coupland
Families 1
Family and personal life
  • Individuals (all ages), families
  • Friendships, personal relationships, home life
  • Generational records
  • Genealogical records
  • Support and charitable organizations for the private lives of families and individuals
  • See also: Community life, Children and youth, Women
Fashion design projects (Coupland) (2)

Use for: Fashion Coupland, Coupland clothing

  • Used to group all terms related to fashion design by Douglas Coupland
Favourite (Ship) 7
Feng Shui Productions
  • Douglas Coupland's production company
Festivals 7
Firefighter Memorial 2
First nations
  • Individuals / communities of native ancestry
  • Metis and Inuit
  • Records pertaining to / created by First nations individuals, families, bands, agencies
  • Government agencies and treaties
  • First nations organizations and businesses
  • First nations schools and education
  • Issues pertaining to First Nations peoples or history
Fishing 42
Forestry 134
Forests 116
Fountains 21
Furniture design
Gardens 56
Generation A
  • 2009 book written by Douglas Coupland
Generation X
  • Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture is a book by Douglas Coupland, published in 1991.
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