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Geographic features
  • Includes both natural and artificial features
  • Physical landscape, built landscape
  • Urban and industrial landscapes
  • Topography
  • Site plans
  • Boundaries, districts, reserves, parks, sanctuaries, towns, etc.
  • NOTE: Mainly but not exclusively pertaining to photographic and cartographic records
  • See also: Land, settlement and immigration
Girlfriend in a Coma
  • 1998 novel written by Douglas Coupland
God Hates Japan
  • 2001 novel written by Douglas Coupland - released solely in Japan.
Gold Rushes 1
  • Local, municipal, regional, provincial, federal, jurisdictional
  • Officials (eg. mayors, premiers, MLAs, ministers, civil servants)
  • Hospital districts, improvement districts, land districts, school boards, health boards, library boards, police boards, etc.
  • First nations and tribal governments
  • Support organizations (eg. municipal associations)
  • Organizations in direct response to government (eg. ratepayers associations)
  • Protest against government
  • Taxes
Government Facilities 170
Government Officials 25
Green Solider No. 1
  • 2001 piece by Douglas Coupland, fiberglass on aluminum interior frame, 77" x 28" x 20"
Group of Seven paintings

Use for: Used for any visual artworks by Douglas Coupland which make reference to the Group of Seven Canadian painters.

Hate groups
  • Use for organizations which: spread lies intended to incite hatred toward certain groups of people; advocate violence against certain groups on the basis of sexual orientation, race, colour, religion etc.; claim that their identity (racial, religious etc.) is 'superior' to that of other people; do not value the human rights of other people.
Health & safety at work 36
Health and social services
  • Activities / systems for maintaining and preserving individual / community health and wellness. Provided by public, private or community agencies or individuals.
  • Medical services, hospitals, clinics
  • Social programs and services (eg. youth, seniors, mental illness, maternity, counseling, support)
  • Fire and emergency services, disaster relief
  • Protective services and emergency support (eg. community watch) - not police
  • Safety and community health programs and training
  • Individuals (eg. doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, counselors, clinicians)
  • Health and wellness services offered by charitable groups (eg. meditation,retreats)
  • Businesses
  • Professional and support organizations
Henrietta (Ship) 1
Hey Nostradamus!
  • 2004 novel written by Douglas Coupland
Hunting 10
Indigenous Peoples 25
  • Resource industries (eg. mining, forestry, fishing, etc.)
  • Resource industry cooperatives
  • Processing, packing and shipping industries
  • Construction, ship building
  • Salvage companies and operations
  • See also: Agriculture, Business and commerce, Transportation and utilities
Industries--Fishing 44
Industries--Forestry 52
Industries--Mining 41
Industries--Oil and gas 6
Infinite Tire

Use for: Canadian Tire art

  • Proposal for a public art installation designed by Coupland for Canadian Tire, ca. 2010.
Insurance claims 1
International Festival of Authors 1
International Women's Year, 1975 1
Interviews 7
  • 2006 novel by Douglas Coupland that was adapted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation into a television series in 2008
Japanese Canadian history 20
Japanese Canadians--Evacuation and relocation--1942-1945
  • Use for materials related to Japanese Canadian internment
Kate (Ship) 8
Ken Steacy
  • Writer, artist, and publisher with whom Douglas Coupland collaborated
Kindertransport 1
Labor Unions 3
Labor contract 2
Labor unions--Canada 295
Labor unions--Discipline 23
Labor unions--Elections 30
Labor unions--History 1
Labor unions--Mergers 43
Labor unions--Officials and employees 253
Labor unions--Organizing 280
  • Labour and union organizations
  • Professional associations with labour focus (eg. teachers, nurses)
  • Arbitration boards
  • Individuals
  • Events (eg. strikes)
  • Union-associated social groups
Labour--Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 41
Labourers 45
Land Vehicles 85
Land, settlement and immigration
  • Claiming, settling and moving to a new land
  • Land titles, distribution, grants etc
  • Community and regional settlement patterns
  • Land settlement companies
  • Land surveys / surveyors
  • Real estate companies and activities
  • Organizations involved in sponsoring / supporting immigrants
Landscapes (Representations) 359
Law and justice
  • Activities / structures re administration of law and justice
  • Law enforcement (eg. police forces, RCMP, coast guard)
  • Courts, prisons, remand centres
  • Litigation, arbitration, mediation, restorative justice, reconciliation, settlements
  • Administrative and support organizations (police boards)
  • Community service programs
  • Legislation
  • Individuals (eg. lawyers, judges, police officers, bylaw officers, criminals)
  • Professional organizations
Layward (Ship) 1
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