Thomas and Emma Crosby fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BC-1970/032 David Wilson Carris, Gertrude Katherine Carris Item
BC-1970/033 Frank, Winnie and Dolly McKay Item
BC-1970/036b Emma Crosby Item
BC-1970/346 Port Simpson Item
BC-1970/350 Native women Item
BC-1970/355 Visit of Dr. Powell, Indian Commissioner Item
BC-1970/359 Girls’ House – Port Simpson Item
BC-1970/363 Canoes from Metlakatha Anglican Mission Item
BC-1970/364 Mrs. McFarlane’s Home – Fort Mangel, Alaska Item
BC-1970/368 Native Artifacts Item
6-04 [Grace Crosby's Hymn Book] File 1884
7-01 [Grace Crosby's school medals] File 1900-1901
7-04 [Grace Crosby's scrapbook] File 1881-1928
6-01 Essays File 1865-1874
2-22 Essays and notes File n.d.
1-04 Correspondence - Native peoples’ issues File 1885-1886
1-06 Correspondence - Native peoples’ issues File 1876-1883
Correspondence - Thomas Crosby Series 1874-1912
Correspondence - incoming Subseries 1883-1912
1-12 Christmas cards (2) File 1908
1-14 Lucas, D.V. File 27 Feb 1883
1-19 Thomas Crosby - a morality play by B.C. Freeman and adapted from the original by Leonard Miller File n.d.
1-21 Notes on missionary work in British Columbia File n.d.
1-27 Miscellaneous notes on religion File n.d.
1-31 Reading lesson books, hand-written books in a Native peoples language File n.d.
Correspondence - Emma Douse Crosby Series 1862-1927
Correspondence - outgoing Subseries 1867-1926
2-08 Mother File 1873-1874
2-10 Mother File 1876
5-03 A certificate to Emma Douse as a Friend of Literature from the Wesleyan Female College, Hamilton File 25 June 1868
Clippings Subseries
3-01 Biographical information File
5-02 Historical, including articles File
3-08 Pamphlets File 1967-1985
BC-1970/372 Medicine Man at his nefarious work Item
08-02 Wesleyan Methodist Hymn Book Item 1869
Biographical information Series [1870-19-?]
6-05 [Family biographical information] File 1916-1974, predominant 1968-1974
1-01 Biographical Information File [1870-1900?]
BC-1970/376 [T.H. Crosby at Boundary Bay] Item [ca. 1926]
BC-1970/377 [Emma Crosby with grandchildren] Item
BC-1970/381 [Emma Crosby] Item [191-]
BC-1970/005 Grace Crosby Item
BC-1970/007 Mother of Thomas Crosby Item
BC-1970/009 Thomas Crosby Item
BC-1970/010 Mary Crosby (daughter, died 18 months) Item
BC-1970/014 Eliza Brown, Grandma Crosby’s sister Item
BC-1970/018 Gertrude Crosby Item
BC-1970/023 Mrs. Jas, Durstrius? Item
BC-1970/027 Emma Crosby (Mrs. Thomas) Item
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