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McLennan family fonds
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Picture of the Longueau British Cemetery from across the road. A car is in the right foreground.


Picture of Bartlett McLennan's grave with flowering plant.

A la gaumine

File contains a draft of "A la Gaumine," a work on the clandestine marriage of Louis de Montéléon and Marie-Anne-Josette L’Estringant de Saint-Martin in 1711.

Bartlett McLennan, 1868-1918 (1 of 2)

File contains World War I leather field notebook; correspondence regarding Bartlett McLennan's death and memorials; photographs, clippings, and ephemera; memorandum regarding Pincher Creek and the death of Alexander McLennan; and a typed copy of war diary entries relating Bartlett McLennan's death.

Bartlett McLennan, 1868-1918 (2 of 2)

File contains correspondence regarding Bartlett McLennan's death; memorials, photographs, clippings, and ephemera; and a typed copy of war diary entries relating Bartlett McLennan's death.

[Canadian Loan Company bills and correspondence]

File contains documents related to the Canadian Loan Company, including draft correspondence to William Walker, William Rhodes, and Henry John Noad regarding the appointment of the company's directors: William Walker, Benjamin Holmes, George E. Cartier, Charles R. Ogden, William Badgley, Thomas Anderson, Henry John Noad, William Rhodes, and Thomas Ryan. The file also contains bills for advertisements and notices printed in several publications regarding the company's directors, share offerings, and general meetings, as well as related correspondence regarding bill payment.

[Canadian Loan Company correspondence]

File contains original and copied correspondence regarding the appointment of the Canadian Loan Company's board of directors, its prospects for success, and other company business. Correspondents include Charles R. Ogden, Timothy Tyrell, Benjamin Holmes, and William Badgley.

[Canadian Loan Company correspondence and bills of exchange]

File contains incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding the formation and prospects for success of the Canadian Loan Company. Correspondence includes a letter from Charles Ogden to Benjamin Holmes, forwarded to Frederick Griffin, regarding a reluctance to participate in the Canadian Loan Company after the start of the Crimean War, and draft correspondence from Frederick Griffin to Charles Ogden and William Badgley. The file also contains unrelated bills of exchange.

[Canadian Loan Company correspondence and documents]

File contains correspondence relating to the Act to Incorporate the Canadian Loan Company, including two letters about typos in the Act, as well as minutes of a meeting to elect a chairman and otherwise organize the company. Notable correspondents include William Badgley and Stewart Derbishire.

[Collected historical documents] (1 of 4)

File contains historical documents presumably collected by William McLennan. Folder one contain a letter from [DesGatines?] to [François Desjordy Moreau de Cabanac?] and documentation of a loan agreement between Sir John Johnson and Joseph-Maurice Lamothe.

[Collected historical documents] (2 of 4)

File contains historical documents presumably collected by William McLennan. Folder two contains a commission appointing commissioners for the management of the Jesuit Estates. The document lists existing commissioners, Francis Baby, Thomas Dunn, Jenkins Williams, and Herman Witsius Ryland, along with the dates of their original appointment, and names new appointees Pierre-Amable De Bonne, John Mure, William Bacheler Coltman, and John Stewart.

[Collected historical documents] (3 of 4)

File contains historical documents presumably collected by William McLennan. Folder three contains a grant of 200 acres of land in the District of Newcastle in the county of Durham, Ontario, to Margery McIntosh, wife of Alexander McIntosh and daughter of Charles Rose.

[Collected historical documents] (4 of 4)

File contains various historical documents presumably collected by William McLennan. Folder four contains letters patent assigning the management of John Gray's estate to Thomas Dunn, his business partner. The manuscript on vellum is signed by Guy Carleton, Governor of the Province of Quebec from 1768-1778.

[Correspondence, ephemera, and photographs]

File contains miscellaneous correspondence, ephemera, and photographs. Materials include plan of Fort Senneville; photos of an unknown house interior; correspondence from William Kingsford regarding a Shakespeare club; photo of Charles Lamb's cottage; Numismatic and Antiquarian Society event invitations and related correspondence; newspaper clippings; a sketch of an unknown house exterior; a letter from Betty McLennan to her grandfather Hugh McLennan written on birch bark; a sample of Henri Georges Stephane Adolphe Opper de Blowitz's notepaper; a collection of bookplates; certification of Christopher McLennan's graduation from McGill University; and notes on the history of Vankleek Hill, Ontario.

[Correspondence, notes, poems, sketches, ephemera, and other documents]

File contains letters written by William Durie McLennan to Marion Paterson McLennan; a billet d'affiliation and pressed flowers; notes written by Marion McLennan and others; a handwritten copy of John Greenleaf Whittier's "Marguerite;" sketches, ephemeral materials, and tracings of famous Canadian autographs.

[Daniel Greysolon Dulhut research materials and drafts]

File contains research materials on Daniel Greysolon Dulhut and drafts of "The Death of Dulhut," published in "Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada" in 1903. Research materials include copies of documents from the archives of the Superior Court in Montreal, including copies of a post-mortem inventory of Dulhut's possessions (L'apposition des scellés), his will and codicils, contracts, and other documents. Materials also include genealogical information and correspondence from historian Joseph-Edmond Roy. The file also contains a notarial copy of Dulhut's will and codicil dated 1710 and signed multiple times by Royal Notary Michel Lepallieur, each with his elaborate flourish or "paraph."

[Donald McLaren estate documents]

File contains financial documents related to the estate of the late Donald McLaren of which John McLennan (1789-1866) was executor. Documents include account balance sheets, an indenture for the lease of land, and promissory notes and receipts of payments received.

[Draft writings and research]

File contains drafts in French and English, including various short stories, works on Richard Hamilton and French Canadian folks songs, as well as notes, recollections of a dream, and a copy of the political poem "The Meeting of the Magi."

[Drafts and correspondence]

File contains drafts of writings, including a piece on the Place d'Armes in Montreal and a story entitled "In Hiding," as well as correspondence with journalist and historian Ernest Myrand.

[Drafts writings and research]

File contains drafts of writings about a dingey race, St. Paul and St. Sulpice streets of "Old Montreal," historical figures of New France, including Raphael-Lambert Closse and Bénigne Basset, and a partial copy of François Dollier de Casson's history of Montreal.

E. MacD. 1819

Picture of Longueau British Cemetery from across the road. Cemetery is surrounded by a wood and wire fence and a sign reading "Longueau Military Cemetery" is visible in the centre. A woman is walking up the road is visible on the right.

Edith-MacD. 1819

Picture of graves at Longueau British Cemetery. A sign reading "British Graves" is on the far left. Bartlett McLennan's grave is on the right.

[Edward Black estate and related documents]

File contains documents related to legal issues arising out of the settlement of Dr. Edward Black's estate and properties. Documents include notes on legal precedent and timelines of case histories; drafts of motions, correspondence, opinions, and other documents; directions for deeds to be drafted and receipts for the creation of the deeds, among other documents. The file also includes correspondence to Frederick Griffin from John Greenshields, Edward Black's son-in-law, and Hew Ramsay, seeking legal advice and opinions. Other individuals mentioned as parties to the legal actions surrounding the Black estate include John Black, Charles Tait, Alexander McKenzie, Hugh McGillis, Ann Kittson Morrison, John Redpath, and Nancy McKenzie, among others. Documents refer to notarial duties performed by Henry Griffin and John C. Griffin, Frederick Griffin's brother and nephew, both of whom were notary publics. Some of the notes in the file are dated 1895, 18 years after Frederick Griffin's death. It is unknown who made these later notes.

[Edward Vennor journal and memoranda book]

File contains a journal and memoranda book belonging to Edward Vennor. Vennor was a provincial customs clerk in Montreal and was married to Harriet Ann Hall. The book contains memoranda of letters received from England; addresses of family and acquaintances; a diary of a sea voyage from Portsmouth; various account balances for the years 1838-1864; assorted memoranda; and notes on the weather and temperature in August 1873. A number of items are interleaved throughout the journal, including a copy of the 1844 annual report of the British American Land Company; a 1838 list of special councillors present at an unknown meeting; lists of expenses; notes; loose account balance sheets; and a Montreal City & District Savings Bank deposit book dating 1882-1884.

Family in general

File contains family photographs; Stewart and McLennan genealogical information; newspaper clippings; and a list of family members serving in World War I and World War II.


Picture of Forceville Communal Cemetery and Extension from a distance. A stamp on the verso of the photograph reads "Denhams, Albert. Somme."


Picture of memorial cross in Forceville Communal Cemetery and Extension. A stamp on the verso of the photograph reads "Denhams, Albert. Somme."

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