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Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection
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Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1656
  • Collection
  • [17--] - 2007

The Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection contains over 2,400 paintings, illustrations, engravings, advertisements, photographs and other ephemera depicting the game of croquet throughout the years. The images range from fine art to cartoons and everything in between, and show the rise in the game’s popularity in England and America in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many items in the collection show gender roles, as croquet was one of the first games that men and women played together.


German advertisement written on verso for Liebig's Extract of Meat Company.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

Lily Brayton

The image of Lily Brayton was created by A. & G. Taylor. "Collection of George Dougall" stamp on verso.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

Jeu de croquet

French advertisement for a pastry shop on verso. Marked with the printer's name, "Chromo Senecaut", as well as the names, "A. Dupont", and "Ancienne Maison Louis Louvet", on verso.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

Le chateau

French advertisement for Chocolat Guerin-Boutron on verso, as well as the printer's name, "Champenois".

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

Les jeux scolaires

French advertisement for O. Decupere et Compagnie on verso as well as an explanation of croquet, and the name of the printer, "A. Billon".

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

Il manque une boule

French advertisement for Au Bon Diable clothing store on verso, as well as the names "D. Antoine & M. Arnaud".

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)


Advertisement for Enameline stove polish on verso as well as a statement that this paper doll depicts a Wellesley College girl.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)


Postcard depicting Netherhall school sent in Great Britain from Will to his parents.

[Unknown] (Authorized heading)

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