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Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung collection
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Opium scales

Set of scales used for measuring small quantities of opium, consisting of a rod of bone or ivory, a weight and a small metal bowl in which the opium was placed. Retrieved by Dr. W.B. Chung from the cellar of a Pender Street store

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Diary of a journey to British Columbia

Pocket diary kept by Hector Langevin during a trip by rail and steamship via the United States to visit British Columbia. In 1871 as Minister of Public Works of Canada, Langevin was sent by the Federal Cabinet to visit British Columbia with the mission to acquire knowledge of the new province in relation to the Canadian Pacific Railway and possible location of its western terminus, and also to study the requirements of British Columbia for public works. Langevin's journey took him from central Canada to Chicago, then by the American Pacific Railway to San Francisco, where he embarked on the steamer Prince Alfred traveling to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and then to the mainland.

Langevin, Hector-Louis, Sir

Carrying basket

Woven basket of Chow Kwong Ho, who travelled with it from Hong Kong to Vancouver via a Canadian Pacific trans-Pacific Empress steamship, coming to Canada sometime around 1920

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Jessie Muir. Montreal. Empress of Ireland. Settler's effects

Travelling trunk of wood, reinforced with twelve metal angle braces along sides and bottom, with a metal handle on each of the shorter sides and metal hinges attaching the trunk lid, painted grey all over and in bold white characters on both of the longer sides with the name and destination of Jessie Muir, a passenger travelling from Liverpool to Canada via the Canadian Pacific steamship Empress of Ireland sometime between 1906 and 1914

Muir, Jessie

Rubber stamps

Rubber stamps used for various aspects of Yip Sang's business, produced ca. 1900 by Thomson Stationary Company, Vancouver, including two stamps for Wing Sang and Yip Sang's company, one stamp for the Canadian Pacific steamship destination of Yokohama, a stamp for S.S. Monteagle tickets and a stamp in Chinese

Wing Sang Company

Gas mantles

Three unused gas mantles in the original cardboard boxes, model number 100. Manufactured by Western Mantle Company of Portland, Oregon, retained by the Wing Sang Company

Wing Sang Company

Rail section

Part of the last rail laid at Craigellachie, BC Nov 7, 1885. Souvenir was cut from the end piece of the final sawn rail after the ceremony - part of the newly laid rail that the train full of dignitaries passed over and on through the mountains for the first time to Port Moody :"All aboard for the Pacific!"

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Wooden opium trade chest, containing opium layout. Holds glass lanterns in cardboard boxes and a compartment for opium tins. Retrieved by Dr. W.B. Chung from the cellar of a Pender Street store

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