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Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung collection
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Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1679
  • Collection
  • ca.1860-2008

The collection consists of documents, archival records, photographs, ephemera and artifacts related to three broad themes: British Columbia history, immigration and settlement and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Included are the archival fonds of the Yip family and Yip Sang Company, the Dart Coon Club and Chinese Freemasons of Victoria, Hugh G. Robinson (regarding the S.S. Greenhill Park Explosion), Rev. MacDonnell (regarding the Clandonald colony of Scottish immigrants in Alberta) and the British Columbia Coast Steamship Service. Includes documents, ephemera and artifacts of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, including records of travelers on CPR rail and steamships.

Wallace B. Chung and Madeline H. Chung


Silverplated ashtray engraved with the words "Hotel Vancouver"with a matchbox holder and a striker on a 7.3 cm pedestal set into the center of a round tray with the manufacturer "International S. Co. of Canada, Limited" engraved on the reverse side

International Silver Company of Canada

Souvenir letter openers

Metal letter openers engraved with the word "Canada" with enamel handles depicting reliefs of the ships "S.S. Princess Kathleen", "S.S. Princess Elaine" and "S.S Princess Louise". They are held inside a box containing a cotton pad

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Souvenir teaspoons

Sterling silver teaspoons engraved with the words "Princess Louise" and "Princess Elaine" and with decorated handles depicting Canadian shields and totem poles

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Souvenir spoons

Silver spoons with enamel crests depicting red-and-white checkered flags, two of which also have a coronet with the ships names "S.S Empress of Britain," "S.S Duchess of Bedford" and "S.S Empress of Britain." One is engraved with "CPS Montcalm."

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Souvenir pen

Plastic pen with a clear barrel containing liquid and a small replica of the third Empress of Canada, with "S.S Empress of Canada" written across the side

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Swizzle sticks

Four plastic swizzle sticks from the Empress of Scotland and the Empress of Canada; and one blue spoon from "The Canadian", the CPR's premier, cross-country, passenger train of the late 1950's/early 1960's.

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Sugar bowl

Silverplated sugar bowl with scalloped edges with enamel crest of a red-and-white checkered flag and coronet reading "S.S Princess Marguerite"

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Cigarette cases

Metal cigarette cases inscribed with "S.S. Montclare," "S.S Montroyal," and "R.M.S. Niagara." The plastic cigarette case is inscribed with "S.S. Princess Kathleen." The Princess Kathleen also depicts the image of the ship and the Niagara has an enamel crest depicting two flags

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Napkin rings

Silverplated napkin rings with enamel crests with the red-and-white checkered flags and coronets, reading "S.S Duchess of Richmond," S.S. Empress of Canada," "S.S Princess Elaine," "S.S. Duchess of Atholl" and "S.S. Montrose."

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Souvenir ashtrays

Metal and enamel ashtrays depicting images of the ships and reading "S.S Empress of Scotland" (1942) and "S.S. Empress of Britain" (1955). Metal ashtray with enamel crest depicting red-and-white checkered flag reading "S.S. Empress of Canada" (1960)

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Rail section

T-Section of steel rail, souvenir of the centennial of the completion of the transcontinental railway. An attached tag describes it as part of the last rail laid on the C.P.R. in the 1880's. A stamp on the back of the tag reads "Can. Pac. Ry. Nov 7, 1985. Craigellachie B.C.

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Railway spike

Railway spike from the 1955 railroad, as a souvenir of the centennial completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, numbered 0451. Comes in a box that reads "CP Rail 1885-1985" where the spike is held by string and comes with a certificate of authenticity describing the spike's use on the railway in 1985

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