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Arthur H. Evans fonds
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Arthur H. Evans fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1181
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1944

Fonds consists of legal documents, reports, publications, speeches, newspaper clippings and other material related to Evans’ labour activities, including the On-to-Ottawa Trek and resulting Regina Riot Commission, and the defence of Trek members arrested in the Regina Riot. There is also material related to the Canadian Labour Defence League, the Communist Party of Canada, and material in support of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

Evans, Arthur

Miscellaneous Political and Labour items 1926-1943

1926 Letter to Evans from Alberta lawyers re Drumheller (with unknown notes on back
1934 Typed coy of press report of M Hepburn on repeal of S. 98
1934 Minutes of Amalgamation meeting of BC seamen’s unions
1935? Fragment of election statement of WJ Hill [of Toronto?]
ND ? Motion? Of CCF Advance Club re Burns Strike
1937 letter and draft resolution of BC Provisional Committee for Defence of Destitute Indians
ND part of constitution of Consumer’s League of BC
1937 Post Office occupation- “Sitdowner’s Gazette” Vol. 1 Nos. 1 and 2, “BC Job-Seekers Journal Vol .1 No. 1
1937 envelope from Garfield King to “Mr Campbell-Baker Election Ctte”
1938 Union Bulletin – Local 289 IU Mine Mill & SW Vol. 1 No. 1
c. 1940 “They fought for Labor - Now Interned” [pamphlet]
1943 Letter to Evans from Amalgamated Building Workers of Canada Loc. 2 re his attempted nomination


“The Labor Leader” December 4, 1936
“The New republic” November 4, 1936
“Labor” January 21, 1936
“New Frontier” May 1937
“Pacific Tribune” July 3, 1953

Series A On-to-Ottawa 1935

Series consists of material related to the relief camp worker’s strike and the On-to-Ottawa Trek. It also includes evidence used in the Regina Riot Commission which followed the Trek, and legal statements drawn up on behalf of participants in the Trek. There are also transcripts of the Regina Riot Commission hearings. These files include some photocopies (incl. silver microfilm copies), some originals, and some retyped transcripts with original page numbers in the margins. Some of the transcripts have been annotated.

Series B: Other Activity 1926-1944

Series consists material related to other left-wing and labour activity in Evans’ life, including the Princeton mine workers strike, his work in support of the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War and the Canadian Labour Defence League and the Communist Party of Canada.