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Maurice Rush fonds
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Series consists primarily of audio recordings of Rush's political speeches. Subjects covered in these speeches include the international arms race and social democracy.


Series consists of some of Rush's correspondence between the years of 1967 and 1998. Files in this series include correspondence with newspapers and correspondence with the IWA regarding Rush's reinstatement as a member in the mid 1990s.

Maurice Rush fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1478
  • Fonds
  • 1935 - 1998

Fonds consists primarily of material related to Rush's activities as a leader of the CCP, political activist and writer in Vancouver from 1935 to 1996. There is also a personal/biographical series of records which detail the events of Rush's life. Other textual series in this fonds contain drafts of Rush's writings and public speeches, his correspondence, his reports and speeches to party conventions, and his published materials. There is a photographs series which details Rush's various editorial political trips to socialist countries during the Cold War. The memorabilia series also contains material related to Rush's trips abroad. There are pins, medals and commemorative coins from China, Vietnam and the Soviet Union. Finally, an audiocassette series contains recordings of some of Rush's speeches during the 1970s and 1980s.

Rush, Maurice, 1915-


Series consists of items collected by Rush during his trips to socialist countries. These items include invitation cards, programs, medals, pins and commemorative coins. Of particular note are pins he received from the Vietminh in the 1960s and a medal he received to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the end of World War Two from the government of the USSR.

Pamphlets and books

• L’Alternative (Supplement), “The Renewal Process: Transforming the Communist Party for the 1990s,” August 1990.
• Maurice Rush, Solidarity Bulletin. Toronto: Communist Party of Canada, 1984.
• Maurice Rush, “Stop the Sellout of BC Coal to Japan!,” [1984?].
• Maurice Rush, Labour and Politics in British Columbia. Vancouver: Communist Party of Canada, 1978.
• Maurice Rush, Native Land Claims: The Communist Party Viewpoint [199-].
• Maurice Rush. Stop the Plunder of BC Resources. 1980.
• Tim Buck, Rae Murphy and Maurice Rush. Vietnam: Eyewitness Report. Toronto: Communist Party of Canada, 1966.
• Steve Brodie. Bloody Sunday, Vancouver 1938: Recollections of the Post Office Sitdown of Single Unemployed. Vancouver: Young Communist League, 1974.
• Maurice Rush. We Have a Glowing Dream. Vancouver: Centre for Socialist Education, 1996.

Personal and biographical

Series consists of records and published materials detailing the life and personal activities of Maurice Rush. Files in this series include an extensive newspaper clipping collection of articles about Rush as well as a transcript and videocassette of an interview with Rush entitled Maurice Rush: 55 Years in the Communist Party.


Series consists primarily of photographs created by Rush while travelling to socialist countries such as China, the USSR, East Germany and Vietnam for his political newspaper activities during the Cold War. The series also contains one file of photographs taken in Vancouver.

Published materials

Series consists of published material written by Maurice Rush. Included in this series is a file of newspaper articles written in the Pacific Tribune from 1955-1999. This series also contains pamphlets written by Rush in the 1970s and 1980s and his 1996 political memoir We Have a Glowing Dream.

Reports to CCP meetings and conventions

Series consists of annotated reports and presentations made by Rush to various CCP events from 1965-1987. The notebooks and unbound files which make up this series also contain his personal annotations made during these events.

Writings and speeches

Series consists of annotated drafts of Rush's writings and public speeches from 1960 to 1996. Subjects covered in these items include Canadian history, British Columbia labour struggles and foreign affairs dealing with Cold War issues. This series also includes an annotated draft of Rush's 1995 political memoir, "We Have a Glowing Dream."