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H.R. MacMillan Canadian History collection
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Author unknown of "Extraits Divers et Notes"

File consists of various excerpts and notes under the following headings: "Ruines" de Volney, Un Extrait du Discours sur l'Histoire par Bossuet: Cult des Images, Lamartine: Voyage et Orient: Eden, Les Grottes de'Elie et des Prophets au Mont Carmel, Tableau de Paris par Le Mercier, Un Passage des Confessions de Jean Jacques, Les Nommes et les Moeurs par Hyppolite cas title; Louis Veuillot, Nos Sauvages, and Les Allocutions de Pie IX aur Pe'lerins en 1877.
In a different handwriting, Maxmilien Bibaud appears below the title, "Extraits Divers et Notes ." At the end of the final set of notes, John Lemoinne appears in handwriting similar to that of the text.

[Barrell, Joseph]

Photostat of letter from Boston to [Captain John Kendrick] that was intended to meet the ships "Columbia" and "Washington" at Macao and convey information relating to future activities .

British Columbia

Sub-series consists of original and photostat copies of correspondence related to the exploration of British Columbia. Includes a photostat copy of a letter by Robert Gray regarding Nootka Sound (1788) and an original 1852 letter from Sir George Simpson to Hector McKenzie and John W. Simpson pertaining to an expedition to the Pacific Coast by Belanger.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Documents of a national significance

Sub-series consists of records pertaining to the history of more than one region, or to Canada in general. Includes an original financial statement of Sir Alexander MacKenzie's account with the North West Company in 1807, an original 1833 manuscript letter from Edward Ellice to Samuel Gerrard concerning financial matters in the Canadas, as well as transcript copies of letters by William Lyon Mackenzie and Edward Blake.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Ellice, Edward, 1783-1863

Letter to Samuel Gerrard pertaining to financial matters in the Canadas, mainly the estates of McKenzie and Bethune. At the time the letter was written, Ellice represented Coventry in the British House of Commons and was Secretary for War.

[Gray, Robert], 1755-1806

Photostats of outgoing letters to:

  • "Gentlemen" (21 Sept 1788) (2 pages)
  • Kendricks, John (7 Sept 1789) (1 page)

Incoming letter from Codman.

The letter to "Gentlemen" pertains mainly to his arrival at Nootka Sound, his departure from the Columbia, and future plans.

H.R. MacMillan Canadian History collection

  • RBSC-ARC-1100
  • Fonds
  • 1585-[195-?]

The collection consists of correspondence, warrants, commissions, printed ordinances, a deed, a financial statement, literary works, other documentary forms, and a seal pertaining to various figures and events in Canadian history. MacMillan assembled the material from various sources. Also included is a photograph of a logging scene in Vancouver (ca. 1900) and of East Indigenous workers at Canadian Western Lumber Company, ca. 1900-1910.

Larocque, Francois Antoine

Photostat of his experiences on a journey from Fort Assiniboine to tile Rocky Mountains via Mandan country and including observations on the Rocky Mountain Indians. Page one is missing. Cf. photostats with L.G. Burpee, ed., "Journal of Larocque from the Assiniboine to the Yellowstone, 1805," Publications of the Canadian Archives -- No. 3, Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1910, 82p. The journal was published from what was believed to be an exact copy housed in the Library of Laval University, Montreal. The original was missing. The photostats differ from the original in descriptions of Larocque's expeditions, 1801-05. The photostatic copies also contain a chart of the varying temperatures during expedition of 1805.

Leonard, George

Outhoing letter to Lord Sheffield pertaining to his activities as superintendent of trade and fisheries at Canso, Nova Scotia and a general account of the trade situation in the Maritimes and the Canadas.

Literary Works

Series consists of photostat copies of literary works by George Peele from the 1500s and a manuscript work by an unknown author in the late 1800s containing various excerpts and notes.
Title based on contents of series.

Manitoba School Question

Letters to the papal delegate, Monseigneur R . Merry del Val from the Archbishops of St . Boniface (Adelard), and Ottawa (J. Thomas), and the Bishop of St . Albert (Vital), and P. Landry, Canadian Senator (2), pertaining to the Laurier-Greenway Compromise on the Manitoba School Question. A letter from P. Landry to Cardinal F. Ledochowski, Rome, relates to the Question.


Sub-series consists of original manuscript correspondence and other documents pertaining to the history and development of the Maritime provinces. Records concern trade, government, political ties, population, and agriculture. Includes handwritten notations of Prime Minister Sir John Thompson regarding Newfoundland's entry into the Canadian Confederation and its interaction with the United States, a manuscript by John Haliburton concerning his impressions of Joseph Howe, as well as correspondence of George Leonard, James Montgomery and Edward Fanning.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Montgomery, James -- Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland

Memorial to Henry Dundas pertaining to the history of Prince Edward Island after 1763, its division into townships and conditions imposed to grantees as well as information on Loyalists' emigrtion, agriculture, soil, and exports. (15 pages.)

Letter to Dundas forwarding the above memorial and the following drafts for submission to Pitt and the Privy Council:

  • Draft of a warrant for the proprietors of St . John's Island. (3 pages.)
  • Draft of a warrant in the case of James Montgomery, proprietor of several townships in Prince Edward Island. (1 page)

Letter to Dundas relating to the trial of Edward Fanning, Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island and Chief Justice Stewart. (2 pages.)

Incoming letter from Major Robert Gray pertaining to the trial. (6 pages.)

New France/Lower Canada/Quebec

Sub-series consists of manuscript and printed material related to the political history of New France, Lower Canada, and Quebec. Includes original manuscript documents required for the ennoblement of Julien de Rihouei, sieur de Menizeran, and Jean Baptiste Yves Gamier, as well as two printed ordinances and a partial printed report of the Battle of St. Charles.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Peele, George

File consists of photostats of Peele's works:

  • The Device of the Pageant borne before Woolston Dixie
  • Aneslogve Gratvlatorie
  • The Honour of the Garter
  • The Famous Chronicle of King Edward the first
  • Merrie Conceited Jests of George Peele

Prairie Provinces

Sub-series consists of an original and copies of documents pertaining to the Prairies Provinces, including a photostat copy of Francois Antoine Laroque's journal for his 1805 journey from Fort Assiniboine to the Rocky Mountains, an original commission appointing Alexander Morris Commissioner regarding Lands of Occupants claims in Manitoba in 1876, and typescript copies of letters pertaining to the Laurier-Greenway Compromise on the Manitoba School Question in 1897.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Quebec - Ordinances

One ordinance relating to causes in Appeal to the Court of the Governor and Executive Council published in the Quebec Gazette.
One ordinance to provide for the improvement, during the winter season, of the principal post roads from various parts of the province to Montreal, and for other purposes.

Thompson, John (1844-94)

Notes by and for Thompson relating to Canada's objections to a proposed American agreement with Newfoundland without reference to Canada and notes pertaining to a federation of Newfoundland with Canada in 18[?] which did not mature.

Upper Canada

Sub-series consists of an original land deed, with the Great Seal of Upper Canada attached, and warrants, with accompanying accounts and receipts, issued by Sir Peregrine Maitland, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, between 1818 and 1828.
Title based on contents of sub-series.

Vankoughnet, L.

Photostat of a letter from the Department of Indian Affairs to John A. Macdonald relating to the dissatisfaction of the Kootenay Indians to present conditions.