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Coolie Verner fonds
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Adult Education series

Series consists of calendars, course notes and evaluations, workshop notes and programs, bound off-prints of articles written or edited by Verner alone or in collaboration with others, and a survey about Verner's professorship in adult education at UBC. In addition, the series includes materials about rural sociology, a field of study in which Verner was also knowledgeable.

Cartography series

Series consists of correspondence and manuscripts pertaining to Verner's published and unpublished works in the area of historical map description. Verner was renowned in the map world for his scholarship in this area. Series also includes a collection of over 400 published maps and a considerable amount of research material, mainly in the form of index cards containing bibliographic descriptions. Appendices contained in the paper copy of this description and file list (located at UBC Archives) provide a listing of other materials he collected in the pursuit of this interest: title pages from atlases, facsimiles, photostats of maps, and miscellaneous cased items.

Committees – UBC subseries

Subseries consists of minutes of meetings, briefs, program reports, and procedures outlines pertaining to several UBC committees with which Verner was involved. Subseries is arranged alphabetically.

Committees subseries

Subseries consists of correspondence, reports, meetings, minutes, and background materials about the various federal rural development committees with which Verner was a member. Subseries is arranged in alphabetical order.

Conferences subseries

Subseries consists of programs and papers presented at conferences (including papers presented by Verner). Subseries also include typescripts of lectures by Verner and reports from association meetings. Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops subseries

Subseries consists of minutes of planning committee meetings, correspondence, programs, conference proceedings, reports, and newsletters for conferences that Verner attended and where he often presented a paper. Subseries include the texts of some of Verner's papers. Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Coolie Verner fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1023
  • Fonds
  • 1550-1979, predominant 1700-1899, 1920-1979

The fonds consists of correspondence, manuscripts for publications, articles, speeches and reports by Verner, minutes of meetings of UBC and government committees on which Verner sat, and map research materials, 1941-1979. The papers also include almost 200 photographs, mostly snapshots, of Verner, friends and colleagues dating from the 1920s to 1979 and over 400 historical maps of North America, the Arctic and Asia, 1550-19__. Professor Verner organized his files into three subject areas relating to his work and interests: Personal, ca. 1921-1979, Adult Education, 1940s-1978, and Cartography, 1949- 1979. This arrangement has been maintained. Files within the three series are organized into sub-series, the order reflecting as closely as could be ascertained the original order of the papers as set up by Verner. In some cases this was difficult to determine as the materials were received as separate accessions over a number of years. In most cases the files are identified as Verner labeled them.

Verner, Coolie

Correspondence subseries

Subseries consists of letters to and from map curators and librarians in universities and museums and rare book dealers and antiquarians in England, the U.S. and Canada. In addition, the subseries includes some manuscript material. Subseries is arranged in alphabetical order by the publication title.

Course Materials subseries

Subseries consists of guidelines, programs of study in adult education, surveys, course evaluations, and grade sheets about courses taught by Verner at UBC. Subseries includes materials dealing with courses at the University of Virginia, the University of Florida, and Columbia University, where Verner taught before coming to UBC. Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Manuscripts subseries

Subseries consists of drafts, and in some cases, the published version of over 60 articles and book chapters written by Verner dealing with adult education. Subseries includes a few drafts of speeches that Verner delivered that were subsequently published. Subseries also consists of a photocopy of a monograph on Verner by Professor Gary Dickinson of the Centre for Continuing Education, UBC, entitled, "Contributions to a Discipline of Adult Education: A Review and Analysis of the Publications of Coolie Verner." Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Maps subseries

Subseries consists of maps, charts, and plans collected by Verner, the majority of which appeared in atlases and books. Subseries also includes a few manuscript maps. The maps, charts, and plans are mainly of North America, in particular the western and northern parts, and of eastern Russia and China. There are many maps of Northern Canada, the North Pole, Bering Strait, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and the Pacific Ocean. A number of maps feature the tracks of the ships of explorers such as Cook, Vancouver, La Perouse, Muller, Cluny, De Fonte, Dixon and Meares, Mackenzie and Hearne.
The maps are engraved and lithographed. Mapmakers from Europe and North America include Aaron and John Arrowsmith, Didier Robert de Vaugondy, Abraham Ortelius, Guiljelmo Blaeu, Gerard Mercator, Jodocus Hondius, Sebastian Munster, Reynold [Renier] Elstracke, Guillaume de L'Isle, Renier and Joshua Ottens, Herman Moll, Isaac Brouckner, Isak Tirion, Thomas Jeffreys, Philippe Buache, Pierre Francois Tardieu, L. Aubert, Neele, Joseph Nicholas de L'Isle, Christian Gotleib Theophil Reichard, George H. Swanston, Adrian Hubert Brue, Alexander Kincaid, J. and C. Walker, Jehoshaphat Aspin, Sidney Hall, Illman & Pilbrow, C.V. Monin, Laguillermie, Mardelet, Samuel Parker, M.M. Peabody, Thomas Foot, J. Bartholemew, Edward Weller, Edward Stanford, August Sontag, Dr. E.K. Kane, James Wyld, and James Alden.

Memorabilia subseries

Subseries consists of degrees, certificates, driver's license, passports, sketchbooks, telephone books, commemorative plate, and other materials about Verner's schooling and personal life.

Miscellaneous subseries

Subseries consists of miscellaneous materials related to adult education research. Materials include 4 reel to reel tapes of the NBC radio show The People Act, which first aired in December 1950. The fifth tape contains a lecture by Verner. There are also 17 microfilm copies of books or articles on adult education and rural communities.

Personal series

Series consists of transcripts, forms, tax returns, correspondence, calendars, degrees, certificates, and a sketchbook about Verner's educational and employment background, financial affairs, and personal interests.

Photographs subseries

Subseries consists of photographs of Coolie Verner, his friends and colleagues and his art collection. None of the photographs appear to have been taken by Verner. The majority of the images are snapshots. Many of the titles are derived from the contents of the photos. All of the people identified in the photographs are as noted on the backs of the pictures. There was no apparent order to the images; they have been arranged in chronological order.

Selected images are included in UBC Open Collections UBC 98.1.

Pocket Calendars subseries

Subseries consists of Verner's pocket calendars in which he noted meetings, trips, events and names and addresses while at Florida State University, the University of London, and UBC.

Printed Materials subseries

Subseries consists of publications in which Verner's works on adult education appeared, bound off-prints of articles written by Verner either alone or in collaboration with others, and works edited by Verner. Also included is a copy of Verner's A.M. thesis from the College of William and Mary. Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Published Manuscripts subseries

Subseries consists of research materials including carto-bibliographic descriptions of maps and Verner's index card notations, charts and notes, preliminary and final drafts, both handwritten and typescript (and in some cases offprints) articles, book chapters, and books written by Verner. The articles appeared in such publications as American Cartographer, American Neptune, Bookman's Yearbook, The Canadian Cartographer, Imago Mundi, Information Bulletin of the Western Association of Map Libraries, and Virginia Magazine. Subseries is arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the publication.

Reports subseries

Subseries consists of reports written and co-written by Verner as a result of consultancy work and research grants he received. Subseries is arranged in chronological order.

Research Materials subseries

Subseries consists of microfilm copies of atlases, photocopies of maps, carto-bibliographic descriptions of maps, and biographical notes maintained by Verner as research material.

Speeches subseries

Subseries consists of lectures and speeches given by Verner. The lectures and speeches are either handwritten or typed. Some speeches will also be found in the "Conferences, conventions, and workshops" subseries described in this file list.

Unpublished Manuscripts subseries

Subseries consists of notes and drafts, both handwritten and typescript of articles, and books on maps, mapmakers, and mapmaking written by Verner but never published. Materials in Boxes 69 and 70 are fragile, having some fire and water damage.