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Charlton family fonds
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CCF-affiliated and other socialist organizations

Series primarily contains newspaper clippings of other Canadian-based socialist and labour newspapers from across the country, including the Socialist Caucus Bulletin, a news circular published and disseminated by the furthest left-leaning elements of the New Democratic Party. The series also included are pamphlets related to other labour and socialist parties across the globe, and also a single copy of Suburb and Country, an farmers' newspaper edited by O. L. Charlton. Lastly, the series includes some photographs of important early CCF members and labourers.

Charlton family fonds

  • RBSC-ARC-1119
  • Fonds
  • 1891-1962

The fonds consists of papers of the Charlton family principally generated by Ormand Lee Charlton and his son Darwin, who in turn functioned as custodian of the records. The records themselves generally relate to the early CCF movement in British Columbia, and other socialist and labour movements across Canada. Papers include information about the Canadian Cooperative Society (Ruskin Mills) and the Industrial Union (Ruskin) in the 1890s. The fonds also includes several copies of the CCF news, the party newspaper, as well as scrapbooks, clippings, drafts of speeches and addresses, correspondence and photographs relate to the family's involvement in socialist politics. The fonds also includes a collection of CCF poems written by Charlton's wife Annie, and essays written by famed socialist thinker Mildred Macleod.

Charlton (family)


Party circulars. A majority of the records are related to a charge of disloyalty amongst certain members of the C.C.F. party.

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation

Series contains records of Co-operative Commonwealth Federation electoral statistics, party by-laws, conferences, and circulars. Further, the series also contains copies of the CCF News, the party newspaper.

CPR Bridge

Photo taken from the site of Ruskin Mills where Co-op bulk fuel plant was located in 1971.

Electoral Records

Records of electoral success for the C.C.F. in British Columbia and federally. The file also contains newspaper clippings related C.C.F. candidates running for office. The records were organized and maintained by O. L. Charlton.


Series contains investment certificates in the form of stock shares or cash-able dividend slips, as well as other cash equivalents.

Investment certificates

Stock share certificates, dividend slips, and cash equivalents. Share certificates are from the The Western Socialist Publishing Co., Limited. and the North Shushwap Co-operative Association.

Newspaper clippings

Includes clippings from The Ubyssey, The Federationist, The Workers Vanguard, The Commonwealth, The Armstrong Advertiser, The British Columbia Cooperator, The B.C. Lumber Worker, The Labor Challenge and others. Compiled by Darwin Charlton.

O. L. Charlton

Related to functions as an early British Columbia pioneer and member of the socialist movement.

Ruskin Co-operative

Stock share certificate and by-laws to the creation of the co-operative. The series also contains a photograph of the co-operative building.


Created and kept by O. L. Charlton. Contains newspaper clippings related to C.C.F. and other labour activities in British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

Socialist poems and prose

This series is made up of poems, essays, and other documents written by Darwin and H. M. "Annie" Charlton, as well as writings the family kept of Mildred Macleod.

The [W?]ilbands

The Wilbands [Hilbands?] were friends of the Charlton family. Originally from Ruskin, B.C. On verso: "May be [W]ilbands (Ruskin)".