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UBC Press fonds
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Administration and Organization series

Series consists of correspondence, membership applications, announcements, proposals and incorporation notices about the formation and development of the UBC Press.

Bill C.Y. Li subseries

As the General Manager of the UBC Press from the early 1970s to 1990, Bill C.Y. Li's initial responsibilities for the production process were eventually superseded by competencies in the financial and business-oriented offices of the UBC Press.

Correspondence sub-series consists of drafts of letters and memorandum regarding departmental communication, preparation memos for meetings and seminars, book construction, royalty payments, sales reports, financial support, and topics about the production and layout of material to be published.

Committees series

Series consists of minutes and related papers and correspondence of the various committees involved with the administration and the facilitation of the editorial decision-making policy of the UBC Press. Such committees include the Publications Management Committee, later known as the President’s Advisory Committee – UBC Press (a name change made effective December 10, 1970), which had as its mandate to establish, maintain, keep under review, and change broad policies governing a publications program for the University Press, and to advise and assist the Director of the University Press in implementing these policies. This latter directive is being carried out specifically through the appointment of an Editorial Sub-committee consisting of Consulting Editors, the Chair of the Committee and other Committee members as required in individual instances. The Advisory Committee was also to receive from and approve the Director’s annual Press report before its submission to the UBC President and Board of Governors. Other committees included in this series are the UBC Press Production Meeting, the A.I.R. Committee on Publications, the Publications Committee, and the Non-Academic and Service Departments Liaison Council. Types of materials found in this series include minutes, correspondence, reports, memoranda, and papers relating to the decisions and actions of the Press’ committees.

Correspondence series

Series consists primarily of the correspondence of the Senior Editor, Executive Director, and General Manager of UBC Press. It is arranged in three sub-series: Jane C. Fredeman and Tony Blicq sub-series, Bill C.Y. Li sub-series, and Institute of Pacific Relations subseries

Financial series

The UBC Press is financed in two ways: the operating overhead costs of the Press are supported by an annual budget from the university, which is granted to the Press in its capacity as a University Department. This financial relationship, which has continued since 1971, forms the most significant continuing portion of the university's support for the Press. The second portion of Press financing is a fund of Trust and other monies used for the production costs of the books published by the Press. In addition to a small, accumulated surplus, these funds come to the Press annually from earnings from permanent Trust funds, grants from the Canada Council, the University and private donors, and returns from the sales of Press books. In the past, it has been the university's policy that budgeting of the journals and yearbooks produced by the Press be financed separately with a self-balancing budget. Series consists of annual reports, interdepartmental memoranda, sales analyses, invoice overviews, year-end balance sheets, correspondence, minutes of meetings, journal vouchers, income statements and summaries of annual expenses.

Grants, Awards, and Programs series

Series consists of correspondence, grant and membership applications, invoices, printing and editing estimates, financial statements, application questionnaires, certificates of merit, and program descriptions.

Institute of Pacific Relations subseries

The correspondence sub-series consists of letters and financial statements documenting the printing and distribution of works before the establishment of UBC Press, primarily by the Institute of Pacific Relations. The records overlap the tenure of Tony Blicq as Executive Director.

Jane C. Fredeman and Tony Blicq subseries

As the Senior, then Managing, Editor of UBC Press from 1973-1990, Jane C. Fredeman was primarily responsible for the solicitation and editing of manuscripts; while A.N (Tony) Blicq, as the first Executive Director of the UBC Press, was responsible for both the establishment of the departmental infrastructure, and the practical realization of the mandate of the Press itself.
Correspondence sub-series consists of drafts of letters and memorandum regarding readers reports, grant proposals, interdepartmental communication, correspondence with authors, warehouse operations, letters of acknowledgement, changes to administrative procedure and restructured responsibility, requests for donations, quotation permission, and manuscript rejections.

Other Publishers, Agents and Distributors series

  • Series
  • 1968-1977, 1980-1981, 1983-1987, 1990-1996
  • Part of UBC Press fonds

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda of agreement, invoices, contractual agreements, requests for proposals, cost and profit analyses, marketing proposals and promotional announcements.

Published Works series

Series consists of correspondence with authors, layout development, publication permission files, financial statements, mechanical production consideration (i.e. paper and print quality; paperback reprints and new editions), fundraising petitions, gratis copy files, contract files, editing notes and Press reader reviews, and marketing campaigns. Series is arranged alphabetically by author and by publisher.

Reviews series

Series consists of correspondence with published authors, review lists, newspaper clippings and promotional tour updates.

UBC Press fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1304
  • Fonds
  • 1953-2002

The fonds consists of correspondence with both published and prospective authors, other university presses, distributors, agents and departmental staff, reviews and newspaper clippings about published material; minutes of meetings, and reports of financial standing; grant applications, and program and award descriptions. The fonds has been divided into the following series and sub-series: Correspondence (comprised of the following sub-series: Bill C.Y. Li; Jane C. Fredeman and Tony Blicq; Institute of Pacific Relations); Financial; Committees; Grants, Awards, and Programs; Administration and Organization; Other Publishers, Agents and Distributors; Published Works; and Reviews.

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