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Haweis Family fonds
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Haweis Family fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1356
  • Fonds
  • 1788-1980

The fonds consists of materials created, received or collected by various members of the Haweis family. The family members represented in the the Haweis family fonds include Lionel Haweis, his father and mother Reverend Hugh Reginald and Mary Eliza Haweis, sister Hugolin Haweis and brother Stephen Haweis and assorted other relatives.

Haweis Family

Haweis-Joy Family/Miscellaneous sous-fonds

This material was either generated by more than one member of the Haweis family, the provenance could not be appropriately determined, or it had no apparent connection to the Haweis family.

The sous-fonds consists of correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and drawings, printed material, information relating to the autograph letter collections and family genealogy

Hugh Reginald Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of incoming correspondence (1879-1900), copies of published articles, sermons and lectures (1864-1900), and other personal material. The sous-fonds also include a small collection of material from Haweis' connection with Giuseppe Garibaldi. Materials include correspondence from or relating to Garibaldi (1860-1897) and various other manuscripts, printed and published items, and other items used in the 1882 Garibaldi display in London.

Haweis, Hugh Reginald

John Oliver Willyams Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of a sketchbook of drawings (the 1820s - 1880s), travel logs and sketches of two trips (1886, 1887) and a bust of Hugh R. Haweis as a boy by J.O.W. Haweis (n.d.).

Haweis, John O.W.

Lionel Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of incoming correspondence (1878-1941), correspondence collected and maintained as an autograph collection (1874-1926), sketches (1885-1890), draft manuscripts and poetry, scrapbooks and clippings, printed material, glass plate negatives of Stanley Park, Vancouver (ca. 1911).

Haweis, Lionel

Lucy Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of miscellaneous correspondence (1927-1931), and a childhood scrapbook.

Haweis, Lucy

Mary Eliza Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of incoming correspondence (1880-1898), copies of manuscripts and other writings, and biographical information.

Haweis, Mary Eliza

Photograph series

The Haweis family photographs consist of over 1,250 black and white photoprints and negatives contained in albums, portfolios, diaries, and individual items. They cover two main subject areas: the life and times of Reverend Hugh R. Haweis and his wife, Mary Eliza Haweis, and the lives of their children, Lionel, predominantly and Hugolin and Stephen. The earlier photographs, dating back to the 1860s and 1870s, consist mainly of professional portraits of family and friends and travel views of England, Germany and Italy. Most of the photographs in this period are albumen carte-de-visites and cabinet cards. The pictures dating from the turn of the century to the 1940s revolve around Lionel's interests and those of his daughter Renee. In addition, there are professionally taken photographs by Lionel and Hugolin of friends and family and landscapes, art photographs by Lionel, and snapshots of friends.

The four albums of photographs in the H.R. and M.E.J. Haweis series will be of particular interest to social historians and those interested in the history of photography as they exemplify the social conventions of the time and the conventions in picture-taking of the second half of the nineteenth century. There are also many examples of early photographic processes. Researchers of art photography should look at the Portrait and View Portfolio in the Lionel Haweis Family sub-series, as well as his portraits of his daughter. This latter also contains 60 glass plate negative views of Stanley Park, 1912 (Boxes 17-19), which will be helpful to researchers of early Vancouver views. These photographs from Lionel Haweis' Rosetti Studios have been digitized and are available for viewing online.

The photographs in this collection have been arranged into four sub-series according to the name of the creator/collector of the pictures. This mirrors the arrangement of the manuscript materials in the Haweis family papers that have already been processed and relate the photographs to the family member and their papers which the photographs amplify and, in some cases, illustrate. The first sub-series, H.R. and M.E.J. Haweis cover 1860-1900. The photos concern all the family members, including the grandparents and the children, Lionel, Hugolin and Stephen Haweis, before the turn of the century. The second sub-series, Lionel Haweis' family, includes all those photographs taken and collected by Lionel and his daughter, Renee, between 1900 and 1940. The third and fourth sub-series, Hugolin Haweis and Stephen Haweis, which are small series, contain photographs between 1890 and 1940.

Stephen Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of miscellaneous correspondence (1910-1951), documents/correspondence relating to a house in Florence (1920-1952), and poems (1928-1963).

Haweis, Stephen

Thomas Haweis sous-fonds

The sous-fonds consists of a manuscript, Tahiti: South Sea and Other Missionary Matters, 1788-1803, papers of T. Haweis transcribed and edited by Lionel Haweis (1942), a ministry certificate (1796) and other miscellaneous items.

Haweis, Thomas