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David Suzuki fonds
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Articles series

Series consists of draft copies of articles, columns and commentaries, correspondence relating to the articles’ publication for Suzuki’s article series with The Globe and Mail (1987-1989), the Southam News Syndicate (1985-1995) and Science Dimension (1984-1986). In The Globe and Mail correspondence files, one can find correspondence relating to Suzuki’s column’s cancellation and the fallout from that decision. Series is arranged chronologically by the start date of the column and then chronologically within each article series.

Associations series

Series consists of files containing information about and correspondence with organizations with which Suzuki is a member, honourary member, board member, or which he supports or is affiliated with. Series is arranged chronologically.

Audiovisual Materials series

Series consists of audiocassette tapes of the CBC radio shows “Dr. David Suzuki’s Discovery” and “Equinox.” Tapes average 15-25 minutes in length and include weekday and weekend editions of the shows, which cover various topics in the sciences and humanities. This series also includes several Betacam videocassettes of the CBC show “The Nature of Things” starring Suzuki. The average run time is between 45 and 55 minutes.

Awards series

The series includes both Awards and Honorary degrees won by Suzuki and files relating to attendance at convocation ceremonies and nominations he wrote for others and those working on for himself. Series is arranged chronologically.

Books series

Series consists of drafts and draft chapters of published books by Suzuki, research materials, edited drafts, and correspondence with co-authors, contributors and publishers. In addition, it includes information about several uncompleted projects, including a book called “The Forest” and another about Japan. The files are arranged chronologically by publication date.

Broadcast series

Series consists of information relating to Suzuki’s TV broadcasts. These include general information, publicity material and research materials for specific episodes. There are currently only three files in this series, but further accruals are expected.

Correspondence series

This series consists of correspondence relating to Suzuki’s personal and business life outside of specific causes, issues or associations to which he belonged. They include requests for personal appearance, correspondence on particular subject matters, and correspondence with specific individuals. Series is arranged chronologically.

David Suzuki fonds

  • UBCA-ARC-1466
  • Fonds
  • 1971-2009

Fonds consists of textual and audiovisual material related to David Suzuki's professional work. It includes notes and manuscripts of several of his books, including From Pebbles to Computers and Sciencescape and copies of correspondence relating to his articles published by The Globe and Mail, the Southam News Syndicate and Science Dimension in the 1980s. It also includes correspondence relating to his professional work, his broadcasting and literary career, his work in the Department of Zoology at UBC, and research materials, information and correspondence regarding various associations to which Suzuki belonged or had dealings. It also includes recordings of David Suzuki's "Discovery" and "Equinox" from 1983-1990 and video recordings of some episodes of "The Nature of Things" from 1994, and copies of his speeches from 1985-2009.

Suzuki, David

Photographs series

Series consists predominantly of slides produced by Hans Blohm for the book From Pebbles to Computers and several personal photographs of Suzuki at the University of Windsor Convocation, where he received an Honorary Doctorate in 1979.

Professional Engagements series

Series consists of materials regarding official speaking and interview engagements participated in my Suzuki. Includes transcripts and correspondence. Series is arranged chronologically.

Research Materials series

Series consists of information on selected research topics. These include general areas of interest and research and more specific correspondence and research relating to specific issues, events and phenomena. In addition, the series consists of correspondence, publications, reports and selected writings. Series is arranged chronologically.

Speeches series

Series consists of primarily handwritten notes for speeches delivered by Suzuki over the years. Series is arranged chronologically. Each date range begins with a complete listing of addresses given. Those preceded by an asterisk are not included in this accession.

University of British Columbia series

Series consists of materials relating to Suzuki’s role as a professor at UBC. These include correspondence on various subjects, including the environment, teaching, development, and goings in the Department of Zoology. It also contains files on postdoc candidates supported by Suzuki. Series is arranged chronologically.